Essential Oils

Amyris essential oil

Soft woody and balsamic, reminiscent of sandalwood, with soothing, relaxing, uplifting and warming aroma, an overall well-being oil with virtues in aromatherapy and fragrancing applications.


Anise star essential oil

With its sharp and sweet aroma, anise oil enhances relaxation and emotional balance, helps reduce tiredness. Traditionally used in applications that are intended to help digestion, to ease cramping, colic, bronchitis,...


Basil Sweet essential oil

Linalool chemotype basil oil is traditionally used in spasmolytic, antibacterial, and calming applications. Revives the mind, brings strength and clarity, and helps to find the right balance. Can also work to release...


Benzoin Siam absolute

Valued base note and fixative in fine perfumery, emanates a warm and comforting aroma that soothes and enhances emotional comfort, with sweet balsamic, powdery, vanilla like scent. Undiluted, pure and natural.


Bergamot BF essential oil

More complex aroma compared to other citrus oils, has a beautifully refined scent with underlying floral and bitter notes. Our bergamot oil is non-sensitising, has no phototoxic molecules. Olfactory essential in...


Blue Tansy essential oil

Rich in antiallergic, antihistamine, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory compounds, traditionally used to improve inflammatory skin damage and pain, itching, promote circulatory, respiratory and joint comfort....


Chamomille essential oil

Traditionally used in antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory applications. Helps calm anxiety and agitation, facilitates falling asleep. Promotes emotional balance in case of tension and irritability, releases fears and...


Citronella essential oil

Also known as the Java type Citronella - considered superior for use in perfumery, has a powerful lemony scent, is a good choice for soaps, air freshener, insect repellent, deodorant applications. Rich in antiseptic,...


Clary Sage essential oil

Distinctive floral, herbaceous, sweet, slightly earthy and nutty scent with balancing, comforting and deeply relaxing aroma, much appreciated in skin care and to promote feminine comfort.


Clove bud essential oil

Traditionally used in anti-infective, carminative, dental anesthetic applications, in case of oral infections, toothaches, tonsillitis, shingles, herpes, skin infections. Powerful broad-spectrum activity. Often found...


Cognac white essential oil

Rare essential oil with a very complex scent, used by fastidious perfumers to create unique natural fragrances. Has sophisticated notes of tartness and fruitiness, warm brandy bouquet, wine and liqueur aroma blended...


Coriander essential oil

Appreciated for its lively, bright and wonderful aroma, has many aromatherapeutic attributes like help with respiratory and digestive infections, rheumatic pain. Is tonic, fights against physical and mental fatigue,...


Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil

Refreshing, intense citrusy-scented, with sweet rosy-lemony notes, is an energizing, comforting and opening essential oil. Soothes the skin, eases imflammatory pain, a good insect repellent, scents the linen.


Galbanum essential oil

Rare and precious essence, has intense and tenacious smell with green, leafy, bittersweet, earthy notes, and a balsamic undertone. Used in skin regenerative cosmetics, as balancer in aromatherapy and in natural...


Geranium Bourbon essential oil

Lovely and uplifting, intense floral scent, a gorgeous rose bouquet with a hint of citrusy and green notes. Due to its toning, astringent and purifying properties for the skin, it is used in cosmetics for mature,...

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The natural power of essential oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments. These concentrated plant extracts are not only known for their aromatic properties, but also for their therapeutic and healing benefits.

In recent years, essential oils have gained popularity in the beauty industry, with more and more people turning to natural and organic products for their hair and skin care.

A natural alternative to synthetic ingredients

One of the main advantages of using essential oils in cosmetics is that they offer a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients. Many beauty products on the market today contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation, dryness and other skin issues. Essential oils, on the other hand, are derived from plants and are free from harsh chemicals, making them gentle and safe to use on all skin types.

Nourish and strengthen hair

Essential oils have long been used to promote healthy hair growth and combat common hair problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, and thinning hair. These natural oils are able to penetrate the scalp and hair follicles, providing deep nourishment and promoting stronger, healthier hair.

Some popular essential oils for hair care include lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and cedarwood.

Soothe and heal skin conditions

Many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can annoying and cause discomfort. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties that can help soothe and treat these conditions.

For example, tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties which make it effective in treating acne, while lavender oil has a calming effect on skin inflammation.

Relax and uplift mood

Apart from their physical benefits, essential oils also have a positive effect on our mental and emotional well-being. The aromas of certain essential oils can calm the mind, reduce stress levels and improve mood.

Citrus oils like lemon and orange are known to have an uplifting effect, while lavender and chamomile are commonly used for their relaxation properties.

Enhance overall health

In addition to their cosmetic benefits, essential oils can also have a positive impact on our overall health. Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus and peppermint, have antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help boost the immune system and fight off illnesses. Others like ginger and frankincense have anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief from pain and inflammation in the body.

Are essential oils for you?

With their natural and versatile benefits, essential oils are a great addition to any beauty and wellness routine. Whether you're looking for a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients, or trying to improve the health of your hair, skin, and mind, essential oils have something to offer everyone. So go ahead and explore the world of essential oils - your body and mind will thank you!

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