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Bergamot BF essential oil

More complex aroma compared to other citrus oils, has a beautifully refined scent with underlying floral and bitter notes. Our bergamot oil is non-sensitising, has no phototoxic molecules. Olfactory essential in...


Grapefruit essential oil

Bursting essence of tangy, radiant fresh scent and a sweet hint, with renewing, uplifting and reviving aroma. It is useful for oily, congested skin, skin cleansing and in applications for a healthy scalp. Works...


Lime essential oil

It has a cheerful scent and many possible uses. In cosmetics it is beneficial for oily skin care, in silhouette maintenance treatments or for nail care. In aromatherapy it is appreciated for its invigorating and tonic...


Litsea Cubeba essential oil

Sparkling, lemony floral scent, with green, spicy and slight fruity notes, is an enjoyable, uplifting and refreshing essential oil that helps in case of restlessness, low morale or lack of confidence, but has cosmetic...

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