Derived from botanical extracts, an all natural exfoliating, cellular renewal, skin rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle fruit acids complex that improves skin tone and condition and works for a smooth, radiant complexion...


Natural ß-hydroxy acid, exfoliating, antimicrobial and anti-acne active, contributes significantly to cell regeneration and skin renewal, acts against microbes involved in acne formation. It is a natural and gentler...


Often found in products intended to improve the overall look and feel of the skin, a very popular alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) widely used in skin rejuvenation treatments. Encourages the shedding of old surface skin...


With its delicate, powdery, violet-like scent, iris powder is used as a base for dry shampoos, in whitening toothpowders, face masks and gentle skin exfoliating preparations. Also valued in perfumery applications.


A naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, acidity regulator with exfoliating, skin lightening and moisturising properties. It can be used in a wide range of personal care products.


Spherical pearls made from castor oil, with exfoliant and skin care properties. Dead skin cells and impurities are gently removed. Produced using 100% renewable resources, free of additives, sustainable alternative to...

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Exfoliating the skin is a great way to give it a refreshed glow and boost the appearance of your complexion. Exfoliants are specially formulated for this purpose, with gentle yet effective ingredients that provide deep cleaning to help dislodge build up, dead skin cells, and dirt. Different exfoliants contain different active ingredients that interact with your skin in different ways, allowing you to find one best suited for combination, oily, or dry skin. 

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