Esters, lipid specialities


Caprilis or fractionated coconut oil is a non-greasy, light textured, penetrating and very stable emollient. It is versatile, it can be included in many cosmetic formulations, is suitable for combination, oily or...


Natural origin cutting-edge light emollient with a pleasant, dry, silky skin feel and a superior sensorial profile. Spreads very quickly, gives finesse and performance in skin and hair care applications.


Pure lanolin with strong emollient properties, reduces TEWL, protects and repairs dry, scaly or damaged skin. Naturally reinforces the skins barrier function, it is widely used in cosmetic applications.


Vegetable based non-greasy solid emollient with high purity and good oxidative stability, gives body to emulsions, leaves a caring and soft skin feel, improves the aesthetics of emulsions. Creates creams with rich but...


An exceptional emollient derived from olive oil, is a premium natural oil with a silky, non-greasy touch. Valuable in a wide range of cosmetic applications, particularly in classy, high-end products.

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Esters are a special type of lipid found in skincare and cosmetics, which provide a range of benefits for skin health. Not only can esters help to reduce irritation or dryness, but they also form a protective barrier against the external environment. In addition, esters can be used as an emollient - softening the skin’s surface and allowing it to retain moisture better. They can even provide a number of anti-ageing properties by helping protect the skin from free radicals, which cause loss of elasticity and fine lines over time. Whether you’re looking for something to soothe your delicate skin or prevent wrinkles, esters are definitely worth exploring!

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