Preservatives, antioxidants


Ecocert and Cosmos approved broad spectrum preservative, well accepted in a wide range of personal care products, suitable for skin care, body care, make-up, hair care formulations.


Plant derived microbial inhibitor with a wide spectrum of activity, suited to the most innovative market trends with preservative-free claims. Has a pleasant vanilla-like scent and provides great skin tolerability.


Liquid preservative with broad spectrum efficacy, gentle on skin, permitted in natural & organic cosmetics according to the major certification agencies, globally approved in rinse-off and leave-on products.


A natural extract with great effectiveness, valuable in cosmetics for its strong antioxidant activity. Helps prevent rancidity of vegetable oils and essential oils, delays the oxidation of cosmetic preparations...


Synergistic blend of skin friendly plant derived organic acids with broad antimicrobial activity, offers an effective multifunctionality for a wide range of cosmetic products. Suitable as a preservative for natural...


All natural active ingredient and antioxidant for skin and hair care preparations, effective antioxidant agent for plant oils, vegetable butters and essential oils.

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Preservatives are essential for the safe use of cosmetics, helping to ensure that products remain viable. They prevent microbial contamination and spoilage whilst helping to maintain a product's freshness. This is especially important in humid climates or when a product contains water. Antioxidants suitable for use in cosmetics are also available, including Vitamin E and rosemary extracts. These fight the effects of free radicals caused by overexposure to sun and other environmental factors which can damage both skin cells and hair follicles. When used in combination with preservatives, antioxidants help keep cosmetics at their freshest and free from impurities, giving consumers peace of mind as they use them daily.

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