Skin Care recipes

Clarifying Micellar Water

1 769
Soft touch solution with pore clarifying properties and mild cleansing that leaves your skin feeling fresh and neat....
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Daily Refreshing Face Lotion

4 1965
Natural fluid moisturizer designed to protect skin from dehydration.
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Minimalist Moisturising Face Cream

6 2649
Are you using multiple products, powerful serums, toners, boosters in your routine? Here's a minimalist moisturizer...
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Vitamin C 10% waterless Serum

9 3112
A minimalist serum, very simple to prepare, yet powerful due to its high concentration of stable vitamin C. It helps...
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Vitamin C Fluid Moisturizer

Choose this stable Vitamin C formulation to help protect the skin from stressors such as air pollution and uv...
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Ferulic Super Antioxidant Serum

10 2754
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory serum based on powerful active ingredients that neutralizes free radical damage,...
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Fade Scar & Even Complexion Toner

4 2788
If you want a more effective toner for even skin tone and fading acne scars, this recipe may be an inspired choice.
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Spot Corrector Serum

7 4335
A skin brightening serum formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration on the skin, to diminish...
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Anti-spot cream, mature or dry skin

6 4908
This high-performance anti-spot and lightening cream combines two powerful actives that work together with hydrating...
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Blooming Beauty Rose Gel Mask

6 6920
This super hydrating rose water based gel mask is rich in rejuvenating ingredients, will give your complexion a youth...
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Glowing Eye Roll-on

4 5091
A blend of precious oils that, combined with a special antioxidant, improves skin elasticity and suppleness, helps...
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4 2957
ROSES FOR SKIN & SOUL - in this pack from the BETTER SKIN collection we have carefully put together this flower...
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2 2643
BRIGHTEN YOURSELF - serum for a glowing complexion from the BETTER SKIN collection, we have carefully selected the...
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2 2629
THIS CALMS EVERYTHING - in this pack from the BETTER SKIN collection, we have selected the proper ingredients for...
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6 3972
STOP THE TIME - in this pack from the BETTER SKIN collection, we have selected some great ingredients to care for...
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Soap-free Foaming Exfoliating Bar

5 2737
Soap-free, gentle foaming bar enriched with white clay and oat oil, it cleans without drying out the skin.
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Blemish-stop Roll-on

Help your blemished skin regain its beautiful appearance! A synergy of effective essential oils to help fight acne...
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Anti-blemish Purifying Paste

6 2780
With purifying and spot-drying active ingredients, it will help cleanse and clear your skin.
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Delight Lip Scrub

2 1930
For soft, smooth lips, don't skip the exfoliation step once or twice a week.
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Lovely Lip Balm

8 2604
Here's a pretty all-star recipe for lip balm. It glides on smoothly, works great and isn't expensive.
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Cushiony Waterless Anti-aging Moisturizer

13 3694
Lavish waterless moisturizing cream enriched with antioxidants and emollients that leaves your skin nourished,...
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Melting Cleansing Gel

10 2997
This delicate gel melts on the skin and then emulsifies on contact with water to effectively remove impurities and...
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Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Packed with detoxifying, purifying and regenerating ingredients, your skin is effectively cleansed and soothed.
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Solid Make-up Remover with Aloe

3 2494
Zero waste and suitable for all skin types, this solid bar cleanses and removes make-up easily, while nourishing the...
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Simple Soothing Cleansing Balm

10 2338
This delicate balm packed with skin-friendly emollient ingredients easily eliminates make-up from the face and eyes...
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Make-up remover Balm

5 2425
This unctuous balm packed with emollient and nourishing ingredients easily eliminates make-up from the face and eyes.
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Ayurvedic Infusion Toner

2 1964
An awakening toner that revives and clears the skin while bringing freshness to the complexion.
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Neat Skin Toner

An invigorating and fresh toner rich in astringent active ingredients is ideal for clear and even skin.
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Purifying & Rebalancing Toner Essence

15 2640
A toner particularly suitable for oily, acne-prone, problematic skin. An ideal recipe to use before your day and/or...
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Repairing, soothing mask

17 2217
Cream mask suitable for dry, damaged, sensitive skin. Removes impurities, moisturises and helps restore the skin...
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Invigorating anti-aging mask

9 2406
Cream mask suitable for mature, dull, couperose, tired skin. Removes impurities, moisturizes, reduces skin problems,...
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Sheet mask Clear skin

6 2109
Lotion with purifying properties, balancing sebum secretion, normalising the function of the natural barrier,...
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Sheet mask Sooth & hydrate

10 2107
Intensely moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and soothing lotion for supple, velvety, smoother-looking skin.
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Skin refining cream

16 2915
A light-textured moisturising cream suitable for combination or oily skin. Regulates sebum secretion, has...
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Glycolic 10 peeling solution

19 2475
A peeling solution that deeply exfoliates the skin, stimulates regeneration, works to reduce the appearance of fine...
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Ser Glycolic 7

16 2826
Serum exfoliating treatment that stimulates the removal of dead skin cells, promotes collagen production, smoothes...
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Glycolic Cleanser

27 2548
A good way to introduce AHA acids into your routine, it gently exfoliates, deeply cleanses the skin and helps renew...
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Purifying, repairing mask

10 2063
Cream mask for removing excess sebum and impurities, strengthening the skin's protective barrier, repairing,...
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Acai silky cream

17 2799
Day moisturiser that combats signs of ageing, maintains optimal hydration levels, helps restore the skin's natural...
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Serum 1% Bakuchiol + Hyaluron

34 3633
A light-textured serum that absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it hydrated and velvety. Helps reduce the...
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Antioxidant & Smoothing Serum with Bakuchiol

6 2643
Oily serum formulated to reduce multiple signs of ageing and skin damage due to exposure to environmental factors....
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Bakuchiol Day Cream

32 3661
A light and pleasant to apply day cream suitable for slightly dry, normal or combination, mature skin. It is rich in...
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Progressive self-tanning milk

19 2530
A very light-textured, non-sticky, non-greasy fluid emulsion that spreads very well over the skin to ensure an even...
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Ginkgo & HA toner for dry skin

15 2233
A toner enriched with moisturising, anti-ageing, soothing and repairing ingredients, ideal for dry or combination...
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Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Serum

62 3738
A replica of the renowned "CE Ferulic" serum that works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce...
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Azelain 10 Professional Cream

15 2864
Easy-to-prepare recipe consisting of a professional cream base enriched with azelaic acid and an active antimicrobial...
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Rejuvenating serum Azelaic + Arbutin

32 3159
A serum composed of ingredients with anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties that improves the appearance...
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Salicylic + Azelaic Cream

19 2986
Modern formula combining the benefits of salicylic acid, azelaic acid, armouraria oil and chamomile essential oil for...
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Azelain 10 Multifunction Cream

16 2975
A complex, truly multi-functional formula that combines the benefits of azelaic acid with the properties of plant...
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Lano Lip Mask

16 1811
An intensely repairing and emollient lip balm that can be used either as a mask applied at night or as a lip balm...
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Exfoliate & Peel Gel Cleanser

16 2245
A skin cleansing gel formulated with exfoliating ingredients such as Gluconolactone that gently exfoliates dead skin...
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Eye contour serum with peptides and hyaluron

36 3655
A serum dedicated to the care of the area around the eyes, but can also be applied to wrinkled areas such as around...
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Calm & Recover Fluid Cream

36 2107
Formulated with a professional cream base, it is a very light-textured emulsion with a subtle fragrance, suitable for...
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Sunshine Lip Balm

19 2480
A delicious, smooth, nourishing lip balm with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, formulated with murumuru...
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Passion Pineapple Lip Balm

16 2451
Formulated with passion fruit oil, castor and mango butter, a very nourishing and emollient lip balm with a pleasant...
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Vitamin C Peptide serum

45 2676
Formulated with ingredients that combat the most common signs of skin ageing. Has antioxidant properties to help...
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Clear Skin Cream with Arbutin

50 2671
For a clearer and more radiant complexion! A cream with a very smooth and pleasant texture, suitable for all skin...
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Pure & Simple Moisturising Lotion

16 2321
Light and smooth, with a simple but optimal formula for daily skin moisturising. It is a fluid emulsion that can be...
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Oligo Dermo-filler Moisturising Cream

27 2847
With its modern formula and superior sensory profile, it is a cream suitable for moisturising and caring for normal,...
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`New skin` toner

15 2044
A toner formulated with ingredients that help revitalise the complexion, improve skin tone, help remove impurities...
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Ashwagandha & Rosehip Facial Massage Serum

13 2190
An oily serum enriched with anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, regenerating, anti-aging substances. Facial massage applied...
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Ashwagandha & Carote regenerating and antioxidant mask

2 1646
The mask is formulated with ingredients that help fight the signs of skin ageing, tone and revitalise the complexion....
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`New skin` Ayurvedic mask

6 1684
The mask formulated with Ayurvedic powders, Manjishta and Ashwagandha, improves skin tone, helps reduce skin...
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Lift & fill cream

39 3011
A light-textured day cream suitable for slightly dry, normal or combination skin. Contains ingredients that protect...
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Urban daily cream

28 2560
Formulated with ingredients that protect against the damaging effects of environmental factors, balance the skin's...
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Eyelash and eyebrow serum

15 2340
A simply formulated serum ideal for eyelash and eyebrow care, made with castor oil, argan oil and vitamin E.
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Problem-skin moisturising fluid cream

29 2549
Formulated with three multi-functional ingredients that provide antimicrobial efficacy, anti-acne action and...
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Anti-acne toner

24 2308
Formulated with purifying, anti-microbial, anti-acne, skin-friendly ingredients.
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Charbon Cleanser

15 1830
A solid cleanser suitable for gentle skin cleansing that removes excess sebum and impurities. It is soap-free and...
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Global Anti-aging Booster

74 3060
A serum concentrated in active ingredients that targets the reduction of signs of skin ageing, protection against...
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Niacinamide Booster

105 3177
A serum concentrated in active ingredients, suitable for all skin types, especially oily, acneic, problematic, mature...
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Peptide Booster

34 2243
A concentrated peptide serum that aims to diminish expression lines, relax the skin, relax the muscles responsible...
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Exfoliating oil-gel

30 1931
An interestingly textured product that turns into an emulsion when in contact with water and thus rinses easily off...
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Restore Moisturising Fluid

17 2148
A fluid cream suitable for all skin types with dehydrated skin. Contains ingredients that work to restore optimal...
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Minute mask with activated charcoal

6 1465
The mask made of activated charcoal and soap nut powder has purifying properties, deep cleanses the skin and frees it...
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Charcoal & Kaolin Face Mask

33 1842
A face mask with purifying properties that deeply cleanses the skin and frees it from residue and accumulated sebum....
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Anti-wrinkle cream for combination mature skin

45 2567
Light and pleasant to apply, formulated with moisturising, regenerating and anti-ageing ingredients.
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Anti-aging moisturizing toner, dry/combination skin

29 2095
A toning and moisturising solution with ingredients that combat the signs of ageing, suitable for dry, normal and...
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Solid face cleanser

25 2052
For gentle skin cleansing, it is soap-free and does not dry out the skin, forms a creamy lather and leaves the skin...
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Cleansing powder for the complexion

21 1771
A cleanser that is quick to prepare, requires no experience - and no preservative.
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Lip balm with hyaluron

64 2384
A daily lip care balm formulated with hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, hazelnut and castor oil for hydrated, soft and...
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Anti-aging cream with peptides and ceramides

141 3521
A light-textured cream, particularly rich in ingredients that combat the signs of skin ageing. Suitable for normal,...
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Moisturising summer fluid-cream

34 2033
A light fluid-cream with a very pleasant, light texture, generally suitable for all skin types. With a not very heavy...
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Repairing lip butter with ceramides

39 1940
A lip butter rich in emollient, nourishing, protective, repairing and regenerating ingredients. Contains ceramides,...
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Day cream for combination/oily, problematic skin

80 2868
A day cream dedicated to the care of combination or oily skin with rosacea, couperose or acneic tendencies. It has a...
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Gentle Cleansing bar

40 1836
A gentle yet effective soap-free hygiene product, it forms a rich, creamy lather that gently cleanses the skin,...
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Anti-aging cream for combination/oily, sensitive skin

88 2258
A lightweight day cream with soothing, anti-irritating, regenerating and anti-ageing ingredients, suitable for...
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Purifying toner, acneic skin

65 2221
The recipe combines purifying essential oils, invigorating and decongesting floral waters, moisturising and soothing...
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Rejuvenating toner, combination skin

55 1874
It aims to combat the signs of ageing, reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of acneic skin with enlarged pores,...
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Rejuvenating toner, dry/normal skin

21 1734
A formula that combines ingredients with anti-ageing action, improves the appearance of wrinkles, enhances skin tone,...
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Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream

37 1997
An exfoliating cream suitable for mildly dry, normal or combination skin with dry areas. It also contains a cleansing...
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Comfort+ cream for combination/oily skin

115 1959
Pleasant to wear but at the same time rich in active ingredients, it is a day cream with moisturizing, anti-aging,...
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Comfort+ Cream for dry/normal skin

57 1824
Particularly pleasant to the senses but rich in active ingredients, it is a day cream that provides the skin with...
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Effervescent, vitaminising mask

10 1284
Contains vitamins and enzymes from acerola and pineapple, it is suitable for all skin types.
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Moroccan mask

5 1411
Based on ingredients with origins in Morocco: ghassoul, argan oil, cistus essential oil. It is suitable for all skin...
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Light cream, Argan & Royal jelly

49 1710
A very pleasant and light textured cream suitable for normal, combination and oily skin, containing anti-aging,...
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Eye contour cream, first wrinkles

77 2240
A pleasantly textured, non-greasy cream formulated with ingredients that work against wrinkles and fine lines:...
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Anti-puffiness and under-eye bags cream

115 3087
A cream with a very pleasant texture, concentrated in specific active ingredients that work to reduce dark circles...
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Moisturizing, anti-aging eye cream

34 2229
A cream with a simple, easy-to-make formula that contains the ingredients needed to maintain the skin around the eyes...
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Purifying Gel Cleanser

46 2144
The result is a foaming gel with a purifying and exfoliating action, particularly suitable for combination, oily,...
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Anti-puffiness and firming eye gel

40 2506
It works to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, with a moisturising and firming effect on the skin around...
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Universal moisturising cream

59 2468
Formula combines moisturising, repairing and emollient ingredients. With its light texture, it is suitable for...
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Anti-wrinkle, correcting cream

189 3050
For the alleviation of sun spots, age spots or post-inflammatory spots (scars, acne). Formula aims to even out skin...
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Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Hyaluron, Dermo-filler, Pomegranate

A cream formulated to maintain the skin's optimal moisture level, diminish the signs of skin ageing and smooth fine...
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Anti-ageing & Antiox Cream

A light-textured day cream rich in antioxidant, anti-aging and regenerating actives. Generally suitable for all skin...
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Smooth Hydration Cream

An easy-to-make, smooth, fluid-textured cream that is particularly moisturising. Pleasant to apply, it absorbs easily...
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Smooth Balance Cream

A moisturising fluid, enriched with active ingredients to balance combination/oily skin and improve skin's appearance.
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Serum with vitamins A-C-E

142 2621
A serum with a light texture and a fine pleasant fragrance. It absorbs easily, providing the skin with regenerating,...
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Ayurvedic rejuvenating, sebum-regulating toner

49 1986
Purifying, sebum-regulating and balancing, it works to relieve enlarged pores, improve hydration levels and the...
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Sensitive Soothing Toner for dry skin

48 1924
After cleansing the complexion, this toner adds ingredients that gently moisturise, reduce inflammation and soothe...
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Eye contour tightening serum

26 2193
The result is a hydrating, anti-aging serum with a tightening effect that cares for sensitive skin around the eyes...
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All Skin Cleanser

52 2121
A cleanser generally suitable for all skin types, in the form of a fine, fruity-smelling foam. Gently cleanses,...
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Winter cream, combination/oily skin

116 1647
A smooth and pleasant day cream formulated for combination and oily skin, especially suitable for the cold season.
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Winter cream, dry skin

144 1949
A creamy but not very greasy cream, especially suitable for dry skin, with caring, moisturising and protective...
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Argan & Neroli Beauty Elixir

110 2066
A serum rich in regenerating, antioxidant, emollient and anti-aging ingredients for a smoother, firmer and...
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Acmella & Avocado anti-wrinkle serum, dry ten

29 1666
An oily serum formulated with anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, regenerating, emollient and moisture-retaining ingredients.
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Precious firming and rejuvenating serum

35 2562
An oily serum formulated with precious ingredients that bring anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, emollient and regenerating...
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Oily serum for facial massage

12 1569
An oily face massage serum suitable for all skin types without any particular problems. After the massage, a general...
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7 in 1 BB Cream

118 2903
A complex, subtly scented cream, generally suitable for all skin types. It has a light, satiny texture and is...
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Sensitive Toner, mixed/oily skin

25 1525
A toner made from ingredients that gently moisturise, soothe irritation and reduce skin inflammation. Particularly...
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