Perfume recipes

Solid perfume 4 Charming Flowers

14 2054
A warm, elegant fragrance with floral notes that delight with their evolution over several hours of longevity on the...
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Eau de toilette Fresh fruity Uni

2 1967
A unisex eau de toilette with fresh and invigorating notes interwoven with green, fruity and fine aromatic notes.
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Tahitique Perfume

An elegant feminine fragrance with exotic sweet-floral notes, creamy and balsamic nuances.
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Soft oriental perfume Amber Elle

A sophisticated and seductive women's fragrance with fresh floral top notes followed by soft balsamic and caramel...
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Authentic Rose Perfume

A soft-floral women's fragrance, it is romantic and positively scented, with fresh, fruity green, slightly acidic top...
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Oriental Floral Women's Perfume

An elegant and radiant fragrance, distinguished by distinct floral notes of lilac and jasmine, interwoven with soft...
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Three pulse perfumes

35 2648
Three oil-based fragrance recipes are easy to prepare and can be adapted to your preferences.
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Solid perfume Floral soft

Tuberose, osmanthus, roses, lavender, patchouli.
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Oriental floral solid fragrance

Frangipani, amber, bergamot, vetiver.
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Oriental soft solid fragrance

Grapefruit, cardamom, ylang-ylang, sandalwood amyris, incense.
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Aromatic fruits solid fragrance

Petitgrain, lavender, lemongrass, red fruits, cedar.
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Sweet Gurmand solid fragrance

Sweet orange, vanilla flower, osmanthus, styrax balsamic extract.
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Floral solid fragrance

With jasmine, pink pepper, grapefruit, rhododendron, orchid.
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Perfume Sweet Warm Vanilla

Oriental floral women's fragrance with Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Lotus, Cedar, Guaiac, Vanilla.
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Fresh Spice MEN perfume

A dynamic and energizing fragrance, quite persistent, with fresh and refreshing top notes, spicy, aromatic middle...
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