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Açaí oil

A precious Amazon oil rich in phytosterols, polyphenols, anthocyanins, brings powerful antioxidant, restorative and anti-aging benefits to the skin, particularly appreciated in mature skin care, after sun and hair...

€5.26 €7.01

African Black Soap 150 gr

Hand-crafted by women cooperatives in the north of Ghana from locally harvested raw materials: shea butter, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and cocoa pod potash. All-natural traditional soap, suitable for most skin...

€1.51 €2.01

Andiroba oil

The andiroba tree native to Amazon region gives this Brazilian rainforest oil, an exotic addition to personal care formulations. Rich in unique limonoids like andirobin, brings great benefits to skin and hair, helps...

€3.16 €4.21

Ashwagandha powder

An adaptogen plant powder ideal in skin rejuvenating formulations, helps protect the skin from oxidative stress induced damage, reinforces and revives the skin, fights the signs of fatigue and aging.

€3.48 €4.98

Bacuri butter

Obtained from the seeds of Amazon Rainforest Bacuri fruit, a strong scented unique butter traditionally used on the treatment of problem skin, injuries, scars, to ease eczema, arthritis and rheumatism. Helps relief of...

€4.13 €5.50

BHA natural Salicylic Acid

Natural ß-hydroxy acid, exfoliating, antimicrobial and anti-acne active, contributes significantly to cell regeneration and skin renewal, acts against microbes involved in acne formation. It is a natural and gentler...

€7.47 €9.96

Buriti oil

Rich in pro-vitamin A compounds, is a free radical-neutralizing and skin reviving agent, helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, known to restore shine to dull, damaged hair, protect colored hair, helps...

€2.84 €8.12

CBD-1 oil

A very popular oil that encourages a healthier looking skin, calms stressed skin, smooths, helps skin feel better, helps combat the visible signs of aging.

€2.57 €7.34

Cornstarch cosmetic

A multi-functional versatile ingredient valuable as aesthetic modifier, moisture and sebum absorber or active carrier. Exhibits an extraordinary soft-touch, it is suitable for a variety of personal care applications...

€3.73 €4.98

Cosmetic starch lipofil

Effectively absorbs moisture and sebum without whitening, reduces the greasiness and tackiness of formulations, provides a pleasant skin feel and velvety appearance. 

€4.19 €5.24

Daisy oil

Renowned for its firming properties, ideal in applications that helps maintain skin tone, successfully used in thigh area, neck area, bust and décolleté formulations, for massage of loose skin areas and post pregnancy.


Face Cream Light

Introducing Face Cream Light, a sleek minimalist lightweight moisturizer, the intelligent choice for your skin. Neutral, unscented, to be used pure or customized with active ingredients. Silky and delicate, hydrating...

€9.10 €10.71

Glycolic AHA Serum

Renew your skin with our AHA Serum based on glycolic acid and fruit acids, part of our Essential Collection. Exfoliating, brightening and firming face treatment for increased cell turnover that targets fine lines and...

€6.32 €8.43


A special derivative of lecithin suitable for creating out of ordinary emulsions with high water content, that are lighter, less greasy, less film-forming and which absorbs more quickly. Brings conditioning benefits...

€4.32 €5.76

Multi-purpose Cream

A truly versatile, kind and all natural skin solution that suits the needs of the entire family! Suitable for body care, hand and foot care, especially for dry or delicate skin. Neutral, unscented moisturizing cream...

€10.15 €13.18

Pataua oil

With a unique profile and a pleasant, cushiony texture, this highly prized oil derived form an Amazon Rainforest tree, is recognized for its ability to nourishes hair and scalp, traditionally used to strengthen the...

€4.72 €9.43


A high-end active ingredient that helps slow down the skin aging process. Designed to stimulate the natural mechanism of the skin to produce collagen, is clinically tested and proven, boosts collagen and protects it...

€4.27 €5.69


A highly effective cosmetic ingredient that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, relaxes the muscles of the face to promote a smoother, less wrinkled look.

€5.45 €7.26

Pequi oil

Packed with nourishing elements, this Amazon rainforest oil offers fantastic benefits to any personal care regimen, enriches haircare treatments, decrease frizziness, helps define the perfect curls. It’s a powerful...

€4.72 €9.43

Pracaxi oil

Highly prized Amazon rainforest oil for skin and hair care formulations intended to fight skin aging, hyperpigmentation, for scar reducing, and wide range of skin concerns. Gives deep nourishment to scalp.

€2.36 €4.72
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