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Anise star essential oil

With its sharp and sweet aroma, anise oil enhances relaxation and emotional balance, helps reduce tiredness. Traditionally used in applications that are intended to help digestion, to ease cramping, colic, bronchitis,...


Cardamom essential oil

Pronounced, distinctive spicy, woody and sweet scent, with warm, uplifting, intriguing and sensual aroma. Is energizing on emotional level, helps in case of fatigue or lethargic periods.


Cinnamon leaf essential oil

Very powerful oil, tonic, physical and mental stimulant, broad-spectrum anti-infective, traditionally used to fight against warts, herpes, yeast infection and parasitosis. Reputed to help with digestion problems, poor...


Clove bud essential oil

Traditionally used in anti-infective, carminative, dental anesthetic applications, in case of oral infections, toothaches, tonsillitis, shingles, herpes, skin infections. Powerful broad-spectrum activity. Often found...


Clove leaf essential oil

Powerful essential oil with aromatic, warm, pungent, sweet spicy smell, much used in dental preparations and pain management, has recognized stimulating and tonic action.


Coriander essential oil

Appreciated for its lively, bright and wonderful aroma, has many aromatherapeutic attributes like help with respiratory and digestive infections, rheumatic pain. Is tonic, fights against physical and mental fatigue,...


Ginger essential oil

A strong and energizing essential oil, a general tonic, traditionally used in appetizing or aphrodisiac applications, in hair care to fight hair loss and as a nervous system stimulator.


Laurel essential oil

Powerful aromatic, spicy scent with a camphorous facet, a stimulant and inspiring essential oil with renowned virtues in aromatherapy and skin care.


Marjoram essential oil

Appreciated for its herbal-floral scent, a warming oil renowned for its strengthening, immunostimulant, balancing, and neurotonic benefits. Helps with anxiety, loss, grief, over-thinking, hyperactivity, by calming the...


Nutmeg essential oil

Known for its stimulating effects, may be an excellent choice for mental and physical fatigue. Traditionally used in blends for anti-rheumatic, arthritis, frigidity, impotence, mental stimulant, muscular aches,...


Oregano essential oil

Very powerful essential oil with strong, spicy-herbaceous scent, contains broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal compounds, traditionally used to support during infectious season.


Pink Pepper essential oil

Invigorating and warming oil with an appealing spicy, fruity-floral scent, brings interesting notes in perfumery. Helps restore tone in case of a decline in vitality, improves peripheral blood circulation, eases...


Sweet Fennel essential oil

Very aromatic, sweet, anise-like scented oil with an earthy note and spicy accents. It is valued as an active in anti-cellulite and reshaping cosmetics. It has compounds with antispasmodic, emmenagogue and digestive...


Turmeric essential oil

Rich in anti-inflammatory, purifying and antioxidant compounds. Traditionally used for inflammation and pain management, in topical applications to support the body's overall wellness and anti-aging skin care....

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