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Cajeput Organic essential oil

Traditionally used to relieve mild joint, rheumatic, neuralgic or muscular pain, a must-have essential oil for cold and flu season with fresh, herbaceous, uplifting, and radiant aroma. Skin purifying and toning,...


Citronella essential oil

Also known as the Java type Citronella - considered superior for use in perfumery, has a powerful lemony scent, is a good choice for soaps, air freshener, insect repellent, deodorant applications. Rich in antiseptic,...


Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil

Refreshing, intense citrusy-scented, with sweet rosy-lemony notes, is an energizing, comforting and opening essential oil. Soothes the skin, eases imflammatory pain, a good insect repellent, scents the linen.


Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil

Traditionally used to clear the airways, ideal companion in cold weather. Can be used in diffusion, by inhalation, or applied on the skin in proper dilution. Useful in household products, in laundry. 


Niaouli Organic essential oil

With its fresh, camphorous and slightly medicinal scent, it is a naturally stimulating and energizing essential oil with aromatherapeutic benefits for respiratory and osteo-muscular comfort, good ally during winter...


Ravensara aromatica essential oil

With its comforting aromatic scent blended with woody and sweet notes, it is an invigorating, restorative and stimulating essential oil that eases stress and fights fatigue. Contains substances with antiviral,...


Ravintsara essential oil

Fresh, green, eucalyptus-like but softer scented oil with subtle earthy and peppery notes, has a clearing, fortifying and decongestant activity. Good ally in viral and respiratory issues, winter infections.


Wintergreen essential oil

A refreshing, fatigue fighter and stimulating essential oil, used mainly in pain reliever, antiinflammatory, tension-reducing and antiarthritic topical applications. Can be useful to help ease muscle pain, joint pain,...

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