Our story

Elemental is a family-owned business with a noble mission to provide effective, clean products and solutions that deliver results.

Cosmetic and Aromatherapy products work for your well-being at the highest standards.

Our experts are committed to identifying the latest scientific breakthroughs in skin and hair care and harnessing botanical extracts and innovative actives known to be rich in substances with proven efficacy.


Skin care is a true bioscience, involving a little magic of nature never fully understood, where everything from the size of an ingredient's molecule or the pH of a substance to how that ingredient transforms on contact with the skin must be taken into account.

We thirstily study, understand and propose biocompatible cosmetics, your demands and expectations push us to be more innovative, help us to create formulas, to offer even more effective solutions.

As our valued client, by making the right choices with our help, you can create your skin and hair care routine so that it outperforms the solutions of usual cosmetic brands. We believe the results speak for themselves.

We are a chemists and professional technicians run family business dedicated to the highest quality products, good knowledge and meaningful education.

With more then a decade of experience, we strive for excellence in all our activity and proudly stand behind each product.


Aromatherapy is a true art, but it must be intertwined with humble and respectful research into its complexity, analysing studies and identifying the benefits we can capitalise on for serving the human body.

Whatever claims and grades we attach to essential oils, their true value is only supported by information and analysis of the exact composition and concentration of the relevant substances.

This is the only way to ensure that the use of the essential oil will give the expected results.

All ELLEMENTAL essential oils are pure, genuine, compliant with the E.O.B.B.D. standard, with full physico-chemical analysis.

We invite you to explore our range of products and recipes and try something new today. We look forward to serving you with excellence and providing a superior customer experience.

Our chemist-run team is here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your DIY cosmetic journey.

Thank you for choosing us!


We have chosen one of the most recognised organic certifications, the Ecocert/COSMOS standard. Ecocert France monitors our entire organic cosmetics chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production process, bottling, packaging, storage and delivery.

Quality, safety, traceability and labelling of products, compliance with hygiene rules, management records, internal and commercial documents and all practices are monitored and checked against strict criteria.

Our products are systematically analysed in our quality control laboratory, in line with documentation checks, ensuring compliance and conformity before validation.

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We are passionate about naturally derived products, aromatherapy, green cosmetics, clean beauty and all the creativity that brings them together.

One of our priorities is to provide accessible, relevant and understandable information. Only then will you be able to make the right choices!


Our range of products is based on elements of nature:

Earth - oils, clays, plant powders, minerals, waxes, butters

Water - floral waters, hydrolates, surfactants, aqueous extracts

Aether - essential oils, aromatic extracts, fragrance oils

Fire - active ingredients, supercritical extracts

Time - preservatives, antioxidants

It is a fundamental concept that humans and nature are in a symbiotic, mutually beneficial partnership that must not be altered by controversial interferences.


Packaging and parcels through the lens of ecology. Pollution is one of the major problems facing mankind today, and we all feel its impact.

Taking care of the environment is an important part of our business, we are mindful every day in our work to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Obtaining Ecocert Cosmos organic certification and Ecocert ecological certification, among the most prestigious in our field of activity, includes ensuring standards in the production, packaging and delivery processes.

When you have relevant, well-structured information based on research and expert studies - you can make the right choices.

We provide our products with clear descriptions of their properties and use, include sample recipes to make it easier to understand the benefits, and attach technical documentation.

The main categories consist of well-known, popular and highly demanded products as well as specialities, rare and newly developed modern materials and ingredients.

Small volumes, large volumes and quantities, natural or certified organic versions, renowned products or products whose name you're not sure how to pronounce - all designed to provide you with a continuously diversified range of exceptional products.

Our passion is to present the benefits of the best plant oils, essential oils, extracts and cosmetic actives, to find plant-based alternatives to conventional cosmetic ingredients, to research and test new products, new formulas.

We source our products from rigorously selected small and large producers from all corners of the world, which we then, without intermediary costs and aggressive marketing, make accessible to everyone.

The added value of our products is their educational aspect as well. We do research, perform tests, carry out documentation, continually improve our knowledge, formulate recipes, prepare tutorials, record video materials - all so that you can find the answers you are looking for through us.