Essential oils


With its earthy, sweet, burnt woody, slightly smoky and floral scent and a lactonic facet, it is a warming and grounding solid essential oil renowned for its restorative properties. Mainly used as a fragrant extract...


Appreciated for its sparkling aromatic scent, used in anti-infectious, pancreatic tonic, and digestive applications, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and promotes fluid drainage. Brings strength and courage...


Sparkling, deep floral, rich, fresh scent, a good all-around essential oil, a beautiful addition in cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfumery. Is widely used to alleviate skin problems and skin regeneration, to promote...


Sparkling, lemony floral scent, with green, spicy and slight fruity notes, is an enjoyable, uplifting and refreshing essential oil that helps in case of restlessness, low morale or lack of confidence, but has cosmetic...


Rich in the highly sought-after ketones and sesquiterpenes, has antibacterial, antifungal, antihistamine, cicatrisant, anti-inflammatory and antalgic compounds. Helps in skin regeneration, acne, problem skin, known...


Appreciated for its herbal-floral scent, a warming oil renowned for its strengthening, immunostimulant, balancing, and neurotonic benefits. Helps with anxiety, loss, grief, over-thinking, hyperactivity, by calming the...


Known for its stimulating effects, may be an excellent choice for mental and physical fatigue. Traditionally used in blends for anti-rheumatic, arthritis, frigidity, impotence, mental stimulant, muscular aches,...

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Essential oils are potent extracts of various plants, herbs, and spices that have been used for centuries for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Essential oils offer a variety of benefits from helping to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, promote positive moods, and even provide relief from physical ailments such as headaches or muscle soreness. Essential oils can be used combined with other natural ingredients such as vegetable oils for a wide array of healthful uses.

Aromatherapy with pure essential oils is so much more than simply enjoying the delightful fragrances. Essential oils have powerful therapeutic properties that can be harnessed to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing, along with emotional balance and spiritual equilibrium. Numerous studies have shown that inhaling pure essential oils can affect our mental, physical, and spiritual health in a positive manner.

Whether it’s an invigorating citrus blend or a soothing floral one, pure essential oils can work wonders on your mind and body. The use of pure essential oils makes aromatherapy perfectly safe for everyone as long as it’s done correctly. 

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