Cosmetic Bases

If you're ready to diversify your skincare routine, look no further than these cosmetic bases! These diy options are an inexpensive way to mix and match these bases with other ingredients to create your own custom beauty products that best suit your unique skin needs. Each of the cosmetic bases has its own benefits so you can ensure that you are giving your skin the best of care. Experiment with different recipes until you have a product that fits perfectly into your beauty regimen.

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Detergent base eco Detergent base eco Detergent base eco
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Cosmetic Bases
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Made from renewable raw materials, it can be widely used in household detergents such as all-purpose cleaners, dish washing liquid, surface cleaners and sanitizers.
Cosmetic Bases
Blended with nourishing organic butter and oils, is a natural unscented hair conditioner base that only requires the addition of essential oils or active ingredients to formulate a custom hair mask or conditioner.
Cosmetic Bases
Vegetable-based high viscosity pasty oil suitable for lip gloss, balms and lipstick formulations. Gives a glossy and moist shine on skin, it is easy to use, has emollient and moisturizing properties. It offers natural...
Cosmetic Bases
A true liquid soap made with organic vegetable oils of coconut and olive, unscented, surfactant free, no glycols. Requires the simple addition of essential oils, fragrance oils or colorants.
Cosmetic Bases
Enriched with moisturising and nourishing ingredients, is a natural lotion base, unscented, that only requires the addition of essential oils or active ingredients to formulate a custom lotion for skin care or...
Cosmetic Bases
Biomimetic complex cream base for promote healthy skin, composed of skin identical substances, ideal base for dermatocosmetic formulations, suitable for skin barrier protection and regeneration, moisturizing,...
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