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Barbie Pink Liquid Lipstick

2 601
The result is a youthful, striking, very feminine, long-lasting liquid lipstick with Lipo Hyaluronic Acid for...
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Pink Lilac Liquid Lipstick

A feminine, long-lasting, emollient, moisturising, repairing, liquid lipstick with a lip-filling effect.
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Clarifying Micellar Water

1 927
Soft touch solution with pore clarifying properties and mild cleansing that leaves your skin feeling fresh and neat....
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2 Lipsticks - Savanna Red & Savanna Rose

2 559
Evoking the unique warmth of the African savannahs, in vibrant shades of warm red and a discreet, shimmering pink,...
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2 Lipsticks - Lovely Pink & Icy Pink

These two seductive and sensual lipsticks in cheerful summer shades with diamond sparkle are the secret to a...
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2 Lipsticks - Subtle Mauve & Divine Mauve

Creamy and smooth, these lipsticks not only dress the lips in irresistible colour but also intensively care for...
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Daily Refreshing Face Lotion

4 2024
Natural fluid moisturizer designed to protect skin from dehydration.
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Aromatic Revitalizing Body Butter

2 1678
Rich and nourishing body butter with aromatherapy benefits through aniseed oil that improves emotional balance, helps...
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Minimalist Moisturising Face Cream

6 2775
Are you using multiple products, powerful serums, toners, boosters in your routine? Here's a minimalist moisturizer...
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Beautifully Moisturizing Body Wash

2 2145
Use the right body wash if your skin feels dry or irritated! Because it moisturises as it cleanses, you'll step out...
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Beautifully Hydrating Shampoo

5 2826
A dense shampoo that cleanses beautifully and infuses hair with moisture, it provides a rich, creamy lather. Contains...
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Amla & Amande Conditioner Bar

2 1992
A zero-waste solid conditioner, generally suitable for all hair types, that includes some fabulous additions like...
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Vitamin C 10% waterless Serum

9 3213
A minimalist serum, very simple to prepare, yet powerful due to its high concentration of stable vitamin C. It helps...
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Vitamin C Fluid Moisturizer

Choose this stable Vitamin C formulation to help protect the skin from stressors such as air pollution and uv...
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Silhouette Sensation Body Yoghurt

Tone your body and get a lightweight hydration and with this gel-cream formula that is quick absorbing and...
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Ferulic Super Antioxidant Serum

10 2822
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory serum based on powerful active ingredients that neutralizes free radical damage,...
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