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The precious orange blossom oil has a delightful, intensely floral, powdery scent with sweet notes and subtly citrusy accords, is highly valued in perfumery, cosmetics and for emotional wellness.

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Traditionally used in antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory applications. Helps calm anxiety and agitation, facilitates falling asleep. Promotes emotional balance in case of tension and irritability, releases fears and...

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Rich in the highly sought-after ketones and sesquiterpenes, has antibacterial, antifungal, antihistamine, cicatrisant, anti-inflammatory and antalgic compounds. Helps in skin regeneration, acne, problem skin, known...

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Fruity, sweet, softer citrusy, slight floral scent with calming, encouraging, relaxing and inspiring aroma. Renowned for its calming action. In cosmetics it is used particularly in skin and hair cleansing products and...

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Sparkling, lemony floral scent, with green, spicy and slight fruity notes, is an enjoyable, uplifting and refreshing essential oil that helps in case of restlessness, low morale or lack of confidence, but has cosmetic...

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Sparkling, deep floral, rich, fresh scent, a good all-around essential oil, a beautiful addition in cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfumery. Is widely used to alleviate skin problems and skin regeneration, to promote...


It has a cheerful scent and many possible uses. In cosmetics it is beneficial for oily skin care, in silhouette maintenance treatments or for nail care. In aromatherapy it is appreciated for its invigorating and tonic...

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Rare and precious oil renowned for skin beautifying and restorative properties, has rich earthy, herbaceous scent with a tea and honey-like hint. Renowned for its benefits in case of couperose, rosacea, scars,...

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