Plant powders


One of the most powerful natural absorbent substances currently known, it is an excellent ingredient for facial masks or body products to assist with removing dirt, residues, toxins or excess sebum from skin. A...


Very rich in carotenoids with antioxidant properties, provides natural sunburn cell defense. Promotes tanning, prepares the skin for sun exposure, gives a radiant appearance. Imparts an orangey color to cosmetics and...


A micronized powder made from the bamboo sap, rich in plant silica, imparts a high sebum absorption capacity, has matifying effect while giving the skin a smooth and silky feel.

Pudră de Cocos, 10 gr Pudră de Cocos, 10 gr Pudră de Cocos, 10 gr
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Coconut milk dry extract is a nourishing and regenerating cosmetic active valued for its numerous benefits in personal care. Is suitable for all skin types, including fragile, sensitive, aging skin. Brings softness...

Pudra de roibă Roibă pudră, 100 gr Pudra de roibă
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Used to prepare natural coloring hair masks, it gives reddish, salmon or mahogany hues or reflections, depending on the initial colour of the hair. Also suitable for soap coloring.


Mimosa tenuiflora is known as the skin tree. Its bark contains substances that stimulates tissue repair and helps regeneration, used in preparations for damaged skin, stretch mark and scar care, anti-wrinkle and...


Stinging nettle is abundant in mineral salts, flavonoids and gallic acid. Used mainly in hair beautifying and scalp balancing applications, is also suitable in skin care due to its firming and tonifying benefits.

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Plant powders are quickly becoming the latest go-to beauty secret for achieving glowing skin. A few to look out for include acerola, nettle and bamboo. Acerola powder is made from a fruit native to South America that contains high amounts of antioxidants, helping to fight the effects of aging from within. Nettle powder similarly has anti-aging properties, as it's high in Vitamin K and other skin boosting minerals, making it great for stimulating cell regeneration. Lastly, bamboo powder contains traces of silica which can help improve hydration levels in the skin as well as give it a smoother texture. Incorporating any of these plant powders into your skincare routine could make a world of difference!

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