Emulsifiers, Surfactants


Vegetable based fatty alcohol that functions as an emollient, co-emulsifier, emulsion stabiliser, opacifier, viscosity modifier and structure modifier for cosmetics. Imparts a pleasant, dry, velvety emollience to the...


Naturally derived O/W emulsifier with moisturizing properties, very mild to the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and in preparations where extra hydration must be achieved. Interesting applications include body yoghurt...


All-purpose thickening fatty alcohol used as a co-emulsifier, viscosity and consistency enhancer, gives a pleasant soft and velvety skin feel. Gives dry emollience, reduces excessive oiliness in preparations.


Highly concentrated amphoteric surfactant with excellent foaming and cleaning properties, high purity. Very gentle to skin, gives mildness to formulations. Can be used in all kind of toiletries, oral care...


Provides a synergy of mildness, foam performance and effective cleansing, is environmentally friendly and has a good skin compatibility, ideal for sensitive skin, daily hygiene and in natural concepts.


A special emulsifier that forms cold process emulsions, particularly useful when working with heat-sensitive ingredients. In addition to emulsions, oily gels can also be obtained which instantly turn into lotions on...


Vegetable derived self-emulsifier that forms O/W emulsions for skin and hair care, provides fast absorption and non-greasy, elegant skin feel, gives glossy, smooth and creamy emulsions with superior sensory benefits.

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What are emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers are substances that help two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, mix together to form a stable emulsion. They have both hydrophilic (water-loving) and hydrophobic (oil-loving) properties, making them ideal for creating and stabilizing emulsions. In cosmetics, emulsifiers are used to bind oil and water-based ingredients together, ensuring a smooth and homogenous product.

The role of surfactants in cosmetics

Surfactants act as surface-active agents that help remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin or hair. They work by reducing the surface tension between water and oil, allowing them to mix together. Surfactants are essential in cleansing products such as shampoos, body washes, and face cleansers.

Traditional vs. natural emulsifiers and surfactants

While traditional emulsifiers and surfactants have been widely used in cosmetics for many years, there has been a growing concern about their potential harmful effects on both our health and the environment.

As a result, more and more cosmetic companies are turning towards natural alternatives that are safer for both consumers and the planet. Natural emulsifiers and surfactants are typically derived from plant-based sources, making them biodegradable and sustainable.

Popular natural emulsifiers and surfactants

Some popular natural emulsifiers and surfactants include lecithin, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, and glucosides. These ingredients not only provide effective emulsifying and cleansing properties but also offer additional benefits to the skin, such as hydration and nourishment. They are gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types, making them a popular choice among consumers looking for natural cosmetic products.

The future of emulsifiers and surfactants in cosmetics

The demand for natural ingredients in cosmetics is expected to continue to rise, leading to further advancements and innovations in the development of natural emulsifiers and surfactants. As more research is conducted on the potential harmful effects of traditional ingredients, it is likely that natural alternatives will become the norm in the cosmetics industry.

By choosing natural emulsifiers and surfactants, consumers can not only enjoy effective and safe products but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Overall, the use of emulsifiers and surfactants in cosmetics will continue to play a vital role in creating high-quality, safe and sustainable products for consumers.

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