A natural crystalline alpha hydroxy acid mainly used as a pH regulator and buffering agent in cosmetic applications, base ingredient for preparing fizzing bath bombs and decalcifying agent in the household.


A multi-functional versatile ingredient valuable as aesthetic modifier, moisture and sebum absorber or active carrier. Exhibits an extraordinary soft-touch, it is suitable for a variety of personal care applications...

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A natural self tanning agent that enables a natural sun-kissed look all year round without sun exposure. It is ideal in self-tanning and glowing products.


Aqueous based mineral UV filter designed for beach sun care formulations, in particular products for sensitive skin. Combines an exceptional level of UVA protection with high UVB efficacy. Easy to work with, gives...


Versatile, widely used humectant and effective moisturizer derived from vegetable sources. Great addition in numerous personal care formulations.


A naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, acidity regulator with exfoliating, skin lightening and moisturising properties. It can be used in a wide range of personal care products.


A non-microbicidal deodorant active ingredient made from natural resources, inhibits the enzymatic decomposition of sweat components preventing the formation of malodor, without affecting the natural skin flora. Is...


A skin-friendly, natural alternative to petroleum-based glycols with excellent sensory characteristics, multifunctional and innovative cosmetic ingredient, is emollient, penetration enhancer, natural solvent,...


Versatile and multi-functional fine powder valuable as aesthetic modifier, moisture and sebum absorber. Exhibits an extraordinary soft-touch, it is suitable for a variety of personal care applications including...


A semi-transparent mineral powder that provides unique smooth and creamy feeling, as well as outstanding illuminating and satinated effect on the skin. A sensory enhancer used in powders, foundations, blush and...


A versatile material used in cosmetic formulations as an alkaline pH adjuster, deodorizing, abrasive and fizzing agent. It is valuable also in natural household cleaning applications. 


Great moisturiser and humectant for cosmetics, it helps strengthen the skin barrier and enhances its elasticity. Added to cold process soaps it helps to produce a harder bar that is easier to unmold and cut, that...


With superior moisturizing efficacy compared to glycerin or other common humectants, is a humectant considered as natural moisturizing factor. Widely used in cosmetics, is well suited in many applications including...


A natural solubilizer that shows excellent solubilizing performance, a powerful PEG-free alternative designed to solubilize essential oils, fragrance oils and other lipophilic ingredients in aqueous based preparations.


A fatty acid that occurs naturally in vegetable butters. It is used used to thicken and stabilize formulations in a variety of products like lotion bars, creams, balms, salves, sticks, soaps and candles.


Non-nano microfine powder, derived from a naturally occurring mineral, used as a pigment and sunscreen agent in cosmetic products. Helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light.


Is one of the most popular natural sugar substitutes. Suitable as a moisturizig agent for cosmetics, and as a healthy sweetener in oral care preparations.


Ultra-pure grade zinc oxide valued in cosmetics for its numerous benefits for the skin, acts as a physical UV filter, soothes skin and supports wound healing. Without nanoparticles.


Highly effective deodorant agent and odor absorber for cosmetic applications, based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, especially suitable for use in emulsion or stick type deodorant formulations.

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Cosmetic products often contain a wide range of functional ingredients such as citric acid, glycerin, and cornstarch. Citric acid is helpful in the production of creams, lotions and soaps which help to adjust their pH levels during manufacture. Glycerin is often used as a humectant because it helps draw moisture from the air into the skin. Cornstarch is included for its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin surface. All these ingredients provide excellent benefits for skin texture and cosmetic manufacturers make sure to include them at optimal concentrations for maximum effect.

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