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Pain Relief

Copaiba essential oil

Traditionally used to lessen inflammation and related pain due to high sesquiterpene content, renowned for its soothing and restorative properties, exhibits skin tonic and purifying activity.


Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil

Refreshing, intense citrusy-scented, with sweet rosy-lemony notes, is an energizing, comforting and opening essential oil. Soothes the skin, eases imflammatory pain, a good insect repellent, scents the linen.


Laurel essential oil

Powerful aromatic, spicy scent with a camphorous facet, a stimulant and inspiring essential oil with renowned virtues in aromatherapy and skin care.


Lavender Organic essential oil

Sparkling, deep floral, rich, fresh scent, a good all-around essential oil, a beautiful addition in cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfumery. Is widely used to alleviate skin problems and skin regeneration, to promote...


Marjoram essential oil

Appreciated for its herbal-floral scent, a warming oil renowned for its strengthening, immunostimulant, balancing, and neurotonic benefits. Helps with anxiety, loss, grief, over-thinking, hyperactivity, by calming the...


Nutmeg essential oil

Known for its stimulating effects, may be an excellent choice for mental and physical fatigue. Traditionally used in blends for anti-rheumatic, arthritis, frigidity, impotence, mental stimulant, muscular aches,...


Patchouli essential oil

Highly prized for its powerfully woody, rich earthy scent with smoky notes, a charismatic essential oil. It contains a series of active principles with anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and skin regenerative activity....


Wintergreen essential oil

A refreshing, fatigue fighter and stimulating essential oil, used mainly in pain reliever, antiinflammatory, tension-reducing and antiarthritic topical applications. Can be useful to help ease muscle pain, joint pain,...

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