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Glycolic AHA Serum

Renew your skin with our AHA Serum based on glycolic acid and fruit acids, part of our Essential Collection. Exfoliating, brightening and firming face treatment for increased cell turnover that targets fine lines and...

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Green clay

Green clay is a well-known and much appreciated natural clay that draws dirt from the pores, can clarify skin by eliminating the sebum and surface oil, thoroughly cleanse the skin deeply. It is beneficial for all skin...


Hamamelis water Organic

Renowned for its astringent, vasoconstrictor, tightening and skin revitalizing properties, provides purifying and soothing effects, is well suited for sagging skin, swelling skin, heavy legs, blemished skin care,...


Kaolin clay

Gently cleanse impurities and sebum, clarifies the skin, draws dirt from the pores. Provides smooth and pleasant texture, improves cosmetic formulas stability and sensory. It is beneficial for all skin types,...


Peppermint water Organic

A very refreshing hydrosol with multiple benefits, known for its toning, astringent, anti-itching and cooling properties. It is particularly suitable for oily skin care products as well as shaving lotions, oral care...


Red clay

Rich in a variety of minerals, draws dirt from the pores, can thoroughly cleanse impurities and sebum, clarifies the skin. It is particularly suited for mature, dull and tired skin.


Rosemary water Organic

Rosemary has energizing, invigorating, astringent, clarifying and anti-aging properties, its hydrosol is ideal for use in general skin care, for irritated, blemish-prone or mature skin, in facial cleansers and toners,...

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