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Carrot seeds essential oil

Has a rich, tenacious, earthy scent, it is an excellent skin care oil used for support aging, environmentally stressed skin, and promoting a healthy looking complexion.


Cistus Organic essential oil

Uniquely complex, resinous, balsamic, earthy, and subtle ambery scented oil, it has recognized virtues in cosmetics, being traditionally used as a wound-healing, astringent, skin regenerating and skin firming agent. A...


Frankincense essential oil

Very complex aromatic bouquet with its deep, resinous, woody, incense-like notes, powerfully uplifting and clarifying, is a precious essence, a mystical oil with renowned therapeutic properties, used in cosmetics,...


Geranium Bourbon essential oil

Lovely and uplifting, intense floral scent, a gorgeous rose bouquet with a hint of citrusy and green notes. Due to its toning, astringent and purifying properties for the skin, it is used in cosmetics for mature,...


Immortelle essential oil

Rare and precious oil renowned for skin beautifying and restorative properties, has rich earthy, herbaceous scent with a tea and honey-like hint. Renowned for its benefits in case of couperose, rosacea, scars,...


Neroli essential oil

The precious orange blossom oil has a delightful, intensely floral, powdery scent with sweet notes and subtly citrusy accords, is highly valued in perfumery, cosmetics and for emotional wellness.


Rose absolute

Enchanting, rich, sophisticated, floral scented regal oil, an essential raw material of perfumery, a harmonizing, sensual fragrance that soothes the emotions and supports maturing skin.


Sandalwood essential oil

Emanates a rich balsamic, woody scent, softened by a creamy, sweet note, a precious and versatile essential oil praised for its spiritual, emotional, skin care and perfumery benefits.


Turmeric essential oil

Rich in anti-inflammatory, purifying and antioxidant compounds. Traditionally used for inflammation and pain management, in topical applications to support the body's overall wellness and anti-aging skin care....

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