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Mother & Child

Almond butter

A delicate, deliciously indulging butter that helps moisturize and comfort skin. It protects from dryness, nourishes, improves skin barrier function leaving it smooth and soft.


Aloe Gel Ultra

From the core of Aloe vera retaining its richness in vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, an excellent moisturizer enhanced for cosmetic use. The Ultra factor comes with hyaluronic acid enrichment, not only for boosted...

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Special offer

Aloe Vera gel Organic

Aloe vera - what a unique gift of nature! A valuable panacea for the skin, renowned for its soothing, restorative, moisturizing and revitalising properties. A standalone product by composition and effect on the skin.


Body Cream Smooth

Reveal nourished skin from head-to-toe with our Body Cream Smooth - an essential plant-based moisturiser, with a rich formula, sensory pleasing skin feel and suave scent. Natural, silky and comforting, packed in...

€16.51 €18.34
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Chamomile water Organic

Known for its anti-inflammatory, calming and comforting properties, a wise choice in formulation of soothing care for irritated skin, redness and eye contour, products for sensitive to problem skin or skincare for...


Coconut oil Organic

With its adorable aroma and scent, this virgin exotic oil is quite versatile. Provides multiple key benefits for healthy looking skin, hair and nails. Provides moisture, protection, nourishment, soothing, comfort.


Daisy oil

Renowned for its firming properties, ideal in applications that helps maintain skin tone, successfully used in thigh area, neck area, bust and décolleté formulations, for massage of loose skin areas and post pregnancy.


Face Cream Light

Introducing Face Cream Light, a sleek minimalist lightweight moisturizer, the intelligent choice for your skin. Neutral, unscented, to be used pure or customized with active ingredients. Silky and delicate, hydrating...

€15.37 €17.08
Special offer

Face Cream Rich

Introducing Face Cream Rich, an elegant minimalist natural moisturizer, the intelligent choice for your skin. Neutral, unscented, to be used pure or customized with active ingredients. Soft and delicate, hydrating and...

€15.37 €17.08
Special offer

Lavender water Organic

With its soothing floral scent, Lavender water is an awesome addition in many cosmetic rituals and formulations. Versatile, an excellent skin toner, gives fresh and uplifted look to the complexion, cares for the...


Linden water Organic

Linden blossom water with its subtle sweet scent is used to soothe sensitive skin, helps illuminate and brighten the complexion, brings delicate care for any type of skin, and promotes hair beauty.


Mango Beauty Butter

Love your skin and indulge yourself with this unique combination of Mango butter infused with an exquisite Melilotus flower extract from Transylvania. Nourishing, soothing and hydrating melting body balm.


Marigold oil

Valuable oil for its anti-inflammatory and soothing activity, provides antioxidant protection, promotes cell rejuvenation. Well suited for sensitive, damaged, stressed skin care, ideal in baby care and after-sun...


Monoï Beauty Butter

Treat yourself with a real island delight that leaves your skin and hair feeling beautifully softer, delicately perfumed and utmost nourished. Onctuous, nourishing and protective, 100% natural fondant balm.


Multi-purpose Cream

A truly versatile, kind and all natural skin solution that suits the needs of the entire family! Suitable for body care, hand and foot care, especially for dry or delicate skin. Neutral, unscented moisturizing cream...

€14.52 €17.08
Special offer

Rosa Mosqueta oil

A specialty oil with excellent rejuvenating, replenishing, regenerative and cell-protecting properties, promotes skin elasticity and firmness, used in anti-aging preparations, various skin conditions and skin...


Shea Beauty Butter

Capture nature's beauty into your daily ritual with this unique combination of Wild Shea & Nilotica Shea infused with an exquisite Melilotus flower extract from Transylvania. Nourishing and soothing melting body...


Soap Nuts Organic, Cosmos 1 kg

Soap nuts are an all-natural, hypoallergenic and sustainable cleaning product. The shells contain saponin, a natural surfactant. Soap nuts are gentle on both laundry and skin, especially recommended for those with...

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Wheat Germ oil

High in natural vitamin E and nourishing elements, has regenerating and emollient properties, it is ideal for treating mature, barrier-damaged, and dry skin, makes the skin soft and supple, helps prevent skin ageing...

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