Valued base note and fixative in fine perfumery, emanates a warm and comforting aroma that soothes and enhances emotional comfort, with sweet balsamic, powdery, vanilla like scent. Undiluted, pure and natural.


Prized for its rich and deep aroma, arabica coffee extract is a concentrated essence that can be used for perfuming and flavouring cosmetics, in soaps, candles and in natural fragrances.

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An exquisite perfumery material, Frangipani absolute is gorgeous, one of a kind scent, soft and sensual, not overly sweet, different than any other floral in scent. Captivating and lively.


Enchanting, inimitable floral scent with green and powdery notes, abundent and sensual, a lavishly wonderful addition for cosmetics and perfume creations. It is considered uplifting and aphrodisiac, with a scent that...

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A precious natural extract obtained from the cistus plant used in fine perfumery for oriental and chypre blends. It is a rich and warm essence, with balsamic, resinous, woody, animalic and leathery notes with a...


Surprisingly unique scent from the delicate, golden osmanthus flowers, has fruity and subtle floral facets evocative of apricot champagne, sundried fruits and white flowers with hints of tea and leathery undertone.

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Enchanting, rich, sophisticated, floral scented regal oil, an essential raw material of perfumery, a harmonizing, sensual fragrance that soothes the emotions and supports maturing skin.


Styrax extract is a hard-to-find specialty. Its pleasant balsamic scent with a bitter almond note and vanilla accents, gives a prominent place in perfumery, valuable as a base note and fixative for fragrances.


A must-have specialty oil for perfumers, an exquisite aromatic extract that adds depth and character to natural perfumes. A very complex scent, rich layered aroma reminiscent of luxury aged pipe tobacco.


Overly seductive, often present in the background of sophisticated and elegant perfumes, tonka bean absolute is a valuable raw material in perfumery with its honeyed caramel and amaretto scent ennobled with vanilla,...

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Absolutes for natural perfumery

Absolutes are highly concentrated and pure aromatic substances extracted from natural materials such as flowers, herbs and spices. They are widely used in natural perfumery due to their numerous benefits.

Intense aroma

One of the most significant benefits of using absolutes in natural perfumery is their intense aroma. Absolutes are highly concentrated, which means that only a small amount is needed to achieve a strong and long-lasting scent. The intensity of the aroma makes them ideal for creating perfumes that stand out and leave a lasting impression on those who wear them.

Natural and pure

Absolutes are extracted from natural materials using solvent extraction methods, making them completely natural and pure. Unlike synthetic fragrances, which can contain harsh chemicals, absolute fragrances are free of harmful substances, making them safe for use in cosmetics.


Absolutes offer a wide range of scent profiles, making them versatile in natural perfumery. They can be used as individual notes or blended with other absolutes and essential oils to create complex and unique fragrances. This versatility allows perfumers to experiment and create a wide range of scents, from floral to woody, making them ideal for creating signature scents.

Environmental sustainability

Using absolutes in natural perfumery is not only beneficial for our health but also for the environment. As opposed to synthetic fragrances, which are often produced using harsh chemicals and can be damaging to the environment, absolutes are extracted from natural and renewable sources. This means that their production has a lower carbon footprint and does not contribute to pollution or harm ecosystems.

Are absolutes for you?

The benefits of using absolutes in natural perfumery are numerous, making them a popular choice among perfumers. However, everyone's preferences and needs are different, and some may prefer synthetic fragrances over natural ones.

Ultimately, the decision to use absolutes in creating natural perfumes should be based on personal preference and values. But for those who value intense and long-lasting scents, natural and pure ingredients, versatility, and environmental sustainability, absolutes are an excellent choice for natural perfumery.

So if you haven't already, give them a try and experience the benefits of absolutes for yourself! Let your creativity run wild with these concentrated aromatic substances and create unique and captivating fragrances that not only smell amazing but also have numerous benefits for both you and the environment.

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