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Toners a Essences

Chamomile water Organic

Known for its anti-inflammatory, calming and comforting properties, a wise choice in formulation of soothing care for irritated skin, redness and eye contour, products for sensitive to problem skin or skincare for...


Cornflower water Organic

A natural soothing hydrosol famous for its decongestant activity, helps toning and tightening skin, relieves itchy, puffy or tired eyes, ideal for in formulation of decongesting eye contour care. Gives glow to the...


Hamamelis water Organic

Renowned for its astringent, vasoconstrictor, tightening and skin revitalizing properties, provides purifying and soothing effects, is well suited for sagging skin, swelling skin, heavy legs, blemished skin care,...


Immortelle water Organic

Prized for its anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and circulatory properties, is an adequate choice for mature skin care, as well as heavy leg treatments. Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness on eye...


Lavender water Organic

With its soothing floral scent, Lavender water is an awesome addition in many cosmetic rituals and formulations. Versatile, an excellent skin toner, gives fresh and uplifted look to the complexion, cares for the...


Linden water Organic

Linden blossom water with its subtle sweet scent is used to soothe sensitive skin, helps illuminate and brighten the complexion, brings delicate care for any type of skin, and promotes hair beauty.


Peppermint water Organic

A very refreshing hydrosol with multiple benefits, known for its toning, astringent, anti-itching and cooling properties. It is particularly suitable for oily skin care products as well as shaving lotions, oral care...


Rose water Organic

The strong and intensive flowery scent makes it a unique and distinguishable hydrosol highly regarded in cosmetic and aromatherapy applications. Recognized for its toning, mildly astringent, regenerative and...


Rosemary water Organic

Rosemary has energizing, invigorating, astringent, clarifying and anti-aging properties, its hydrosol is ideal for use in general skin care, for irritated, blemish-prone or mature skin, in facial cleansers and toners,...

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