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Hair Care

Aloe Gel Ultra

From the core of Aloe vera retaining its richness in vitamins, enzymes and nutrients, an excellent moisturizer enhanced for cosmetic use. The Ultra factor comes with hyaluronic acid enrichment, not only for boosted...

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Amla oil

An exceptional hair care ingredient, this oily macerate combines the properties of amla fruit with the beneficial effects of sesame and brassica oil.


Broccoli oil Organic

Excellent emollient and moisturiser for dry, damaged and frizzy hair, may be a natural alternative to silicones as plasticizers in hair care, helps protect skin and hair against negative environmental influences.


Burdock oil

Excellent for general hair care, Burdock root oil macerate encourages healthy hair growth, helps prevent hair breakage, adds shine and strengthens the hair strands, soothes irritated scalp, improves hair structure.


Chamomile water Organic

Known for its anti-inflammatory, calming and comforting properties, a wise choice in formulation of soothing care for irritated skin, redness and eye contour, products for sensitive to problem skin or skincare for...


Ghassoul clay

A natural volcanic clay used as a skin and hair treatment for cleansing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating properties, very gentle and soothing. It is used mainly to prepare mild paste shampoos due to its exceptional...


Grapefruit FCF essential oil

Furanocoumarin-free essential oil. Bursting essence of tangy, radiant fresh scent and a sweet hint, with renewing, uplifting and reviving aroma. It is useful for oily, congested skin, skin cleansing and in...


Hair conditioner base natural

Blended with nourishing organic butter and oils, is a natural unscented hair conditioner base that only requires the addition of essential oils or active ingredients to formulate a custom hair mask or conditioner.


Henna Black Indigo organic

An all natural and organic plant powder that gives of a rich bluish-black color and glossy sheen to the hair. It is a good conditioner and nourishes the hair roots, makes hair look thicker and fuller.


Henna Blond

An all natural blend of five plant powders that revives the color of blonde hair, gives golden or honey reflections, nourishes and beautifies the hair. It is suitable for lighter hair types.


Henna Brown organic

An all natural, organic plant powder blend specially formulated to provide deep brown color to the hair. Gives various reflections depending on the initial color of the hair. Nourishes the hair, makes it look thicker...


Henna Neutral Organic

A great hair conditioner that helps brittle and damaged hair, attenuates various scalp issues, strengthens the hair roots and follicles, makes the hair more healthy looking and vibrant. Is an all natural, certified...


Henna Red Organic

An all natural, organic plant powder that gives from copper red to luminous mahogany or chestnut shades and reflections depending on the initial color of the hair. It is a good conditioner, nourishes the hair, makes...


Laurel berry oil

A specialty vegetable oil abundant in beneficial unsaponifiable compounds, known for its ability to assist with problematic skin issues and scalp conditions. It is the main ingredient of the famous traditional Aleppo...


Linden water Organic

Linden blossom water with its subtle sweet scent is used to soothe sensitive skin, helps illuminate and brighten the complexion, brings delicate care for any type of skin, and promotes hair beauty.


Monoï de Tahiti oil AO

An exquisite and exotic cosmetic oil coming from Polynesian tradition, valuable for skin and hair care. Silky and voluptuous, delicately fragrant, with nourishing and moisturizing properties, helps the firmness and...



A versatile active ingredient and provitamin, hair fortifying, deep penetrating moisturizer, skin comforting and anti-inflammatory agent, boosts the body, suppleness and sheen of the hair, works for an improved...

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Ricin oil Organic

A much different oil than vegetable oils in general, it is very viscous and ultra moisturizing. Gives skin and hair a protective layer with shiny effect, nourishes and soothes skin, strengthens and promotes the growth...


Rosemary Organic essential oil

Traditionally used for skin and hair revitalization, in applications where purifying activity is needed, especially for oily skin, problematic scalp, in case of hair loss or dandruff. In aromatherapy it is valued in...


Rosemary water Organic

Rosemary has energizing, invigorating, astringent, clarifying and anti-aging properties, its hydrosol is ideal for use in general skin care, for irritated, blemish-prone or mature skin, in facial cleansers and toners,...


Silk protein

High quality and performant protein hydrolisate that provides connotations of luxury, sheen, smoothness and elegance to the skin and hair. Brings excellent moisture binding and deep conditioning benefits, exhibits...



Offers hair and lash thickening capabilities, has similar benefits to those of collagen naturally present in the dermis, designed to boost structural strength for stronger and healthier looking hair. Provides...

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A highly micronized wheat-based protein active proven to strengthen and protect hair from within, suitable for applications which require effective repair and restructuring benefits. Contributes to hair smoothness and...

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