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Amyris essential oil

Soft woody and balsamic, reminiscent of sandalwood, with soothing, relaxing, uplifting and warming aroma, an overall well-being oil with virtues in aromatherapy and fragrancing applications.


Cardamom essential oil

Pronounced, distinctive spicy, woody and sweet scent, with warm, uplifting, intriguing and sensual aroma. Is energizing on emotional level, helps in case of fatigue or lethargic periods.


Grapefruit FCF essential oil

Furanocoumarin-free essential oil. Bursting essence of tangy, radiant fresh scent and a sweet hint, with renewing, uplifting and reviving aroma. It is useful for oily, congested skin, skin cleansing and in...


Jasmine absolute

Enchanting, inimitable floral scent with green and powdery notes, abundent and sensual, a lavishly wonderful addition for cosmetics and perfume creations. It is considered uplifting and aphrodisiac, with a scent that...


Sandalwood essential oil

Emanates a rich balsamic, woody scent, softened by a creamy, sweet note, a precious and versatile essential oil praised for its spiritual, emotional, skin care and perfumery benefits.


Vetiver essential oil

It has a unique and distinctive scent, deep and tenacious, highly appreciated in fragrancing applications. In cosmetics it is used for its circulatory and lymphatic tonic qualities.

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