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Body Care

Epsom salt

Epsom salt brings numerous benefits to the body, a popular natural remedy for a number of ailments, it is relaxing and relieving, boosts transdermal magnesium and cleanses the skin. Traditionally used to detoxify and...


Grapeseed oil

A light oil, highly penetrating without leaving a greasy residue, prized for its beneficial properties in skin care and hair care, helps to support skin healthy appearance, makes the skin soft, supple and moisturized.


Jojoba oil Organic

With its elegant skin feel, jojoba oil is in fact a liquid wax ester rich in unsaponifiables. Penetrates the skin easily and reduces transepidermal water loss by forming a protective layer. Well suited for all skin...


Karanja oil

Provides natural UV protection and is known for its ability to absorb a part of the sun rays and to prevent sunlight-induced skin aging. Used for skin and hair care products where sun-protection, anti-oxidant or wound...


Kokum butter

Promotes skin regeneration, supports skin elasticity, helps prevent drying of the skin and hair. Highly appreciated for its nourishing and skin softening effect. It is very stable, has a dense texture with pleasant...


Laurel berry oil

A specialty vegetable oil abundant in beneficial unsaponifiable compounds, known for its ability to assist with problematic skin issues and scalp conditions. It is the main ingredient of the famous traditional Aleppo...


Lotion Base Organic

Enriched with moisturising and nourishing ingredients, is a natural lotion base, unscented, that only requires the addition of essential oils or active ingredients to formulate a custom lotion for skin care or...


Macadamia oil

This valuable oil is used in a broad range of cosmetic products, highly emollient, penetrates the skin easily while leaving a light protective film, makes the skin soft and more radiant, has a smoothing and...


Mango Beauty Butter

Love your skin and indulge yourself with this unique combination of Mango butter infused with an exquisite Melilotus flower extract from Transylvania. Nourishing, soothing and hydrating melting body balm.


Mango butter

Nourishing for skin and hair, a creamy butter that replenishes the lipids in the skin, restore suppleness, retains moisture and protects the skin against environmental factors.


Marigold oil

Valuable oil for its anti-inflammatory and soothing activity, provides antioxidant protection, promotes cell rejuvenation. Well suited for sensitive, damaged, stressed skin care, ideal in baby care and after-sun...


Marula oil

A luxury oil rich in antioxidants, deeply nourishing, helps restore a radiant tone of complexion. A beauty oil for a younger-looking skin with satin finish.


Meadowfoam oil

Consists mainly of rare fatty acids, has exceptional moisture retaining properties, and very high oxidative stability. Leaves the skin silky smooth, creates a protective film on the skin without being occlusive,...


Milk thistle oil

Particularly suited for dry and irritated as well as mature skin, supplies the skin with an intensive nourishing and regenerative effect, protects the skin against environmental conditions.


Monoï Beauty Butter

Treat yourself with a real island delight that leaves your skin and hair feeling beautifully softer, delicately perfumed and utmost nourished. Onctuous, nourishing and protective, 100% natural fondant balm.


Monoï de Tahiti oil AO

An exquisite and exotic cosmetic oil coming from Polynesian tradition, valuable for skin and hair care. Silky and voluptuous, delicately fragrant, with nourishing and moisturizing properties, helps the firmness and...


Moringa oil

Rich in omega-9, behenic acid, vitamin E and phytosterols, acts as a light emollient with anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties giving it benefits for use in skin and hair care products. Protects the skin from...


Multi-purpose Cream

A truly versatile, kind and all natural skin solution that suits the needs of the entire family! Suitable for body care, hand and foot care, especially for dry or delicate skin. Neutral, unscented moisturizing cream...

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Murumuru butter

An exotic butter prized for its pleasant texture, offers unique, non-greasy skin feel. Helps support skin elasticity, promotes moisture retention, leaves the hair shiny and nourished. It absorbs quickly into the skin...


Neem oil Organic

A remarkable oil with powerful purifying activity, helps support many skin and scalp concerns. Finds applications in anti-acne, anti-fungal, anti-dandruff formulations, in plant and pet care products, as a natural...


Oat oil

Rich in ceramides with skin replenishing effect, in phytosterols and phospholipids, promotes the skin's natural repair process, nourishes the skin, has anti-aging, anti-irritant, skin restorative and restructuring...


Olive oil Organic

With high levels of tocopherols, polyphenols, sterols, and squalene, olive oil nourishes and regenerates the skin, makes it soft and supple, protects the skin from environmental influences. It is also valuable for...


Passion fruit oil

Light oil with a nice fruity fragrance. With nutritional and moisturizing properties, penetrates rapidly, spreads easily and leaves the skin softened. Can be incorporated into all kind of formulations for body care,...


Prickly Pear seed oil

Precious and outstanding beauty oil rich in antioxidants and sterols, remarkably nutritive, known to fight against the signs of skin aging, boosts skin rejuvenation, used in regenerating, revitalizing and replenishing...


Rice bran oil

A very light oil with a good oxidative stability, suitable in cosmetic products for all skin types, it is an important source phytosterols, tocotrineols and gamma-oryzanol. Leaves on skin a pleasant smooth after-feel.


Rosa Mosqueta oil

A specialty oil with excellent rejuvenating, replenishing, regenerative and cell-protecting properties, promotes skin elasticity and firmness, used in anti-aging preparations, various skin conditions and skin...


Safflower oil

It is a light emollient, a moisturizing and nourishing oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, suitable for all skin types and for hair care. Promotes healthy skin with excellent skin penetration properties....

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