Clays, Minerals


Alum stone is a natural product, a mineral known for its astringent, soothing and haemostatic properties. It is gentle, unscented, does not clog pores and leaves no traces on clothes.


Beige clay is rich in minerals and trace elements, draws dirt from the pores, can clarify skin by eliminating the excess sebum and impurities, tightens and tones the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types,...


Multi-purpose mineral, a naturally occurring form of calcium used in cosmetics as a mattifying, moisture and oil control agent. In makeup formulations is texturiser, opacifier and filler. Find its place in oral care...


A natural volcanic clay used as a skin and hair treatment for cleansing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating properties, very gentle and soothing. It is used mainly to prepare mild paste shampoos due to its exceptional...


Green clay is a well-known and much appreciated natural clay that draws dirt from the pores, can clarify skin by eliminating the sebum and surface oil, thoroughly cleanse the skin deeply. It is beneficial for all skin...


Gently cleanse impurities and sebum, clarifies the skin, draws dirt from the pores. Provides smooth and pleasant texture, improves cosmetic formulas stability and sensory. It is beneficial for all skin types,...


Rich in a variety of minerals, draws dirt from the pores, can thoroughly cleanse impurities and sebum, clarifies the skin. It is particularly suited for mature, dull and tired skin.


A semi-transparent mineral powder that provides unique smooth and creamy feeling, as well as outstanding illuminating and satinated effect on the skin. A sensory enhancer used in powders, foundations, blush and...


Non-nano microfine powder, derived from a naturally occurring mineral, used as a pigment and sunscreen agent in cosmetic products. Helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light.


Ultra-pure grade zinc oxide valued in cosmetics for its numerous benefits for the skin, acts as a physical UV filter, soothes skin and supports wound healing. Without nanoparticles.

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Clays and minerals are amazing skincare ingredients which have been used for centuries to soothe, restore and purify the skin. From volcanic muds, to kaolin and French green clays there is a variety suited to create gentle natural formulas capable of nurturing any type of complexion. Not only are these ingredients great for detoxifying the skin, but they can also help to increase blood flow encouraging new cell renewal, protect from environmental pollutants, reducing inflammation and draw out impurities leaving you glowing. Reap the benefits of the powerhouse that is clay with natural skincare products for a more beautiful you.

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