Traditionally used in anti-infective, carminative, dental anesthetic applications, in case of oral infections, toothaches, tonsillitis, shingles, herpes, skin infections. Powerful broad-spectrum activity. Often found...


Prized for its rich and deep aroma, arabica coffee extract is a concentrated essence that can be used for perfuming and flavouring cosmetics, in soaps, candles and in natural fragrances.

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Appreciated for its lively, bright and wonderful aroma, has many aromatherapeutic attributes like help with respiratory and digestive infections, rheumatic pain. Is tonic, fights against physical and mental fatigue,...

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An exquisite perfumery material, Frangipani absolute is gorgeous, one of a kind scent, soft and sensual, not overly sweet, different than any other floral in scent. Captivating and lively.


Rare and precious essence, has intense and tenacious smell with green, leafy, bittersweet, earthy notes, and a balsamic undertone. Used in skin regenerative cosmetics, as balancer in aromatherapy and in natural...


Bursting essence of tangy, radiant fresh scent and a sweet hint, with renewing, uplifting and reviving aroma. It is useful for oily, congested skin, skin cleansing and in applications for a healthy scalp. Works...


With its earthy, sweet, burnt woody, slightly smoky and floral scent and a lactonic facet, it is a warming and grounding solid essential oil renowned for its restorative properties. Mainly used as a fragrant extract...


Enchanting, inimitable floral scent with green and powdery notes, abundent and sensual, a lavishly wonderful addition for cosmetics and perfume creations. It is considered uplifting and aphrodisiac, with a scent that...

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