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Acacia gum

A natural, multi-functional biopolymer rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins, used as adhesion agent in various makeup formulations, such as mascara or eyeliner. On skin it forms a layer with tensor effect which...


Acmella In-Tense extract

Acts deeply in the skin, in the extra-cellular matrix, a naturally derived anti-aging active with immediate effect against wrinkles and sagging. Targets the dermis structure, works for a firmer, more toned skin that...


AHA Fruit Acids

Derived from botanical extracts, an all natural exfoliating, cellular renewal, skin rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle fruit acids complex that improves skin tone and condition and works for a smooth, radiant complexion...


Algae Slim Complex

A unique and innovative blend of seaweeds, a complex extract of Fucus, Nori, Enteromorpha, Wakame and Lithothamnium that provides a natural way to restore skin vitality and to improve skin appearance.



Allantoin has a proven positive influence for skin integrity, with powerful skin rebuilding, smoothing, protecting and moisturizing effects. Supports skin repair and renewal, stimulates healthy tissue formation,...


Aloe Vera gel Organic

Aloe vera - what a unique gift of nature! A valuable panacea for the skin, renowned for its soothing, restorative, moisturizing and revitalising properties. A standalone product by composition and effect on the skin.



A highly advanced and efficient active ingredient that promotes skin lightening and an even skin tone, reduces the appearance of age spots and hyper-pigmentation, makes the skin look clear and radiant.

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An amino acid with many benefits, arginine is very versatile and has multiple applications. It supports the proper functioning of the skin barrier, is antistatic and hair conditioner. It is also used to alkalize...


Aromatic Strawberry extract

A natural flavour obtained from the concentrate of fruit based on grain alcohol. Gives cosmetics and toiletries an authentic ripe strawberry scent and aroma.

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Standardised extract with high antioxidative capacity, with positive effect on the skin aging process, gives natural cell protection, enhances skin elasticity and suppleness, helps prevent wrinkles and pigment spots.


Azelaic acid

Best defined as a cosmeceutical ingredient, used in formulations to provide benefits like clear skin, uneven skin tone, radiant complexion, provides anti-inflammatory and anti-acne activity, helps to reduce the...


Bacti-pur Complex

A powerful blend with a unique profile, contains Curcuma, Licorice, Hop, Sage, Clove, Oregano and Ajowan extracts and it is an effective antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, useful in a variety of cosmetic applications.



Considered the first natural and more tolerable alternative to retinol, Bakuchiol provides benefits for all skin types. Helps reduce multiple signs of aging, visibly reduces skin damage from environmental exposure,...


Beeswax white

High quality pure and cleaned beeswax, extensively used as a consistency factor and stabilizer in creams and ointments, gives structure and firmness, brings emollient, soothing and softening benefits to the skin.


Benzyl alcohol DHA

Preservative blend with broad spectrum efficacy, easy to use, has a good acceptance, allowed in Cosmos formulations, suitable for skin care, body care, baby care, hair care formulations.



A natural humectant, moisturizer and protecting active ingredient for skin and hair care. It helps to improve performance and enhance experience, provides moisturization, protection, as well as a range of sensory...


BHA natural Salicylic Acid

Natural ß-hydroxy acid, exfoliating, antimicrobial and anti-acne active, contributes significantly to cell regeneration and skin renewal, acts against microbes involved in acne formation. It is a natural and gentler...


Bisabolol natural

Natural α-bisabolol, gentle and effective, it has long been used in cosmetics for its anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and soothing benefits. It is an excellent addition for protection of the skin...



A natural, sustainable texture agent and emollient, bringing distinct sensory properties to cosmetic formulations. Provides melting sensation, softness, creaminess and spreadability.


Caffeine powder

Caffeine is a popular ingredient used in cosmetics for its lipolytic and draining activity, valuable in stimulating skin and hair care applications, eye contour, body contour and anti-cellulite preparations.


Candelilla wax

A hard vegetable wax that gives surface gloss, stability and consistency, used extensively in numerous cosmetics applications including creams and lipsticks, traditionally used to harden stick type formulations.


Caprilis oil

Caprilis or fractionated coconut oil is a non-greasy, light textured, penetrating and very stable emollient. It is versatile, it can be included in many cosmetic formulations, is suitable for combination, oily or...


Carbomer Ultrez 10, 1 kg

Extremely efficient rheology modifier with short flow, suspending power and high viscosity performance, forms sparkling clear gels, gives excellent clarity, emulsion stability and an elegant non-tacky feel.

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Carnauba wax

A very hard natural wax mainly used in cosmetic stick formulations, provides hardness, stability, consistency and surface gloss.

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Carote CO2 extract Organic

Standardized organic carrot extract in jojoba oil with high provitamin A content, with antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging qualities, used as an active for skin care preparations and sun protection formulations.


CBD-1 oil

A very popular oil that encourages a healthier looking skin, calms stressed skin, smooths, helps skin feel better, helps combat the visible signs of aging.

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Skin-identical ceramides with optimal performance and effectiveness, an active that reinforces the skins and hairs natural protective lipid barrier, improves long term moisturization and protects from external...


Cetearyl alcohol

Vegetable based fatty alcohol that functions as an emollient, co-emulsifier, emulsion stabiliser, opacifier, viscosity modifier and structure modifier for cosmetics. Imparts a pleasant, dry, velvety emollience to the...

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