Personal Hygiene recipes

Beautifully Moisturizing Body Wash

2 2114
Use the right body wash if your skin feels dry or irritated! Because it moisturises as it cleanses, you'll step out...
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Sugar & Nectar Tiny Scrub Soaps

6 4454
Zero-waste, waterless, 2-in-1 soap with nice foam, beautiful colour and a gourmand scent. Gently exfoliates the skin...
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Coffee-Toffee Scrub

7 4083
A gentle cleansing and exfoliating body scrub that awakens and energizes with its delicious latte scent. Not just for...
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Gentle soap with lanolin, honey and pollen

16 2057
A gentle, nourishing soap with lanolin, carrot oil, honey and pollen and a subtle amber scent with honey and milk.
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Basil & Grapefruit Soap

8 1906
A two-color, cold process soap with basil and grapefruit essential oil.
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Deodorizing foot powder

Deodorizing, invigorating powder containing eucalyptus and basil essential oil.
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Golden Peach Soap

9 1700
A soap with a lively scent and colour, good foaming. The poignant scent takes us to a peach orchard on a sunny summer...
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Midnight Lavender Soap

14 1908
A cold process soap made with coconut and argan oil, lavender essential oil and alkanet.
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Ocean waves soap

14 1519
Prepared from melt&pour soap base with lavender essential oil, eucalyptus and natural fresh marine fragrance.
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Turquoise dream bath salt

18 1538
A touch of exotic holiday in your bathroom! A recipe for a particularly pleasant-smelling, finely sparkling bath salt...
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Sage & Peru Deodorant

28 2571
Formulated with specific active ingredients, it is a highly effective deodorant with a pleasant texture and pleasant...
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Siwak & Charcoal Tooth Powder

18 1673
Foaming, fresh-flavoured tooth and oral hygiene powder.
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Siwak & Iris Toothpaste

1 1656
Contains anti-bacterial, anti-caries ingredients and tooth whitening properties for clean, brighter teeth and fresh...
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Siwak Simple Toothpaste

2 1446
Dental hygiene powder that can be used instead of the classic toothpaste. Simple, effective formula.
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8 1663
A soap formulated with Tea tree essential oil, Active Charcoal, Tamanu, Hemp and Black Cumin oil with purifying and...
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19 1613
Cold process coffee soap, exfoliating, aromatic, decorative.
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19 1728
It contains specific ingredients such as Argan oil and Rhassoul clay (Ghassoul), which, together with Ylang-Ylang...
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13 1648
Recipe for soap with Coconut and Almond oil, using the cold method. The result is a white soap with a marbled...
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25 1853
The original Aleppo soap was produced in Syria and is considered a medicinal soap with beneficial properties for...
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26 1781
Pure Castilian soap was first made centuries ago in Spain from 100% locally produced olive oil. This recipe is a very...
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Cocoa, tonka and coconut soap

5 1352
A soap with exotic flavours and an interesting contrast.
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Ice Cube Summer Soap

An invigorating, energizing, refreshing soap especially for hot summer days. Thanks to the essences used it has a...
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Pink-lilac soap

4 1340
A sweet-floral, feminine, finely scented soap.
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Poppy and pollen soap

4 1282
A delicious, gently exfoliating soap enriched with nourishing pollen flavoured with the scent of ripe apricots.
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Activated charcoal toothpaste

17 1424
With black like tan, for whiter, shinier teeth! A sparkling tooth powder with a pleasantly sweet taste and fresh aroma.
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Tooth powder with propolis

7 1151
A composition suitable for daily dental hygiene, enriched with propolis powder, xylitol and tea tree essential oil.
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Classic Toothpaste

6 1180
Made with just 3 ingredients, it takes 3 minutes to prepare. It's a powder suitable for daily dental hygiene with a...
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Relax bath salt, mandarin & lavender

36 1400
A sparkling and aromatic bath salt with Epsom salt (bitter salt), coconut surfactant and essential oils with a...
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Bath bombs

19 2251
They are very popular products, can be prepared in various shapes and colours, decorated and flavoured according to...
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Effervescent, emollient bath balls

14 1500
Lavender bath balls for a relaxing bath and soft, velvety skin. Thanks to lysolecithin and starch, the bath water...
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Amber & Grapefruit Bath Oil

11 1536
For moisturised and velvety skin, but also for aromatherapy, a bath oil that can be easily prepared from a few...
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Whipped bath butter

52 1751
Emollient, moisturising and fragrant, a real treat for the skin, especially for dry skin.
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Deodorant gel with alum

78 3260
A fruity-scented gel deodorant, easy to prepare and with a simple formula. Contains alum stone and lemongrass to...
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Surgras Soap

29 1595
A moisturising soap enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, scented with floral-fruity notes. Contains surfactant...
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Suav Men Deodorant Stick

13 2233
A pleasantly textured, non-greasy deodorant with a fresh invigorating scent from peppermint and tea tree oil,...
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Deodorant stick Suave Women

50 2394
Formulated with recognised deodorising and antibacterial ingredients, it is a pleasantly textured, non-greasy...
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Layered Soap, Lavender & Lilac

34 1591
A decorative soap with an interesting look, it contains natural soap bases, lavender essential oil, lavender flowers...
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Energising Menthol & Basil Shower Gel

20 2057
An invigorating shower gel that refreshes and energises the senses. It is especially pleasant in the warm season
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'Little Prince' bath gel

16 1840
A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little boys due...
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`Little Princess` bath gel

32 1904
A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little girls...
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Coco-Cleanser, sensitive

33 1784
A hygiene product that can replace shower gel or soap, and can be used for the body hygiene of adults and children...
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Bath foam for toddlers

78 1681
A foaming solution, gentle and well tolerated by the skin of young children and toddlers. It is suitable for washing...
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Coconut & Tuberose Cream Soap

45 1477
Enriched with coconut extract, coconut milk powder and tuberose floral wax, a pleasantly scented natural soap that is...
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Vetiver & Spirulina Soap

22 1555
With spirulina, peppermint essential oil and vetiver, it is a refreshing, invigorating soap.
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Shea & Yassmine Soap

64 1393
A delicate soap, enriched with shea butter and scented with notes of jasmine and tuberose.
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Sage & Guaiac Soap

37 1194
A natural soap with essential oil of sage, ravensara aromatica and guaiac.
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Marigold & Ylang-Ylang Soap

30 1341
A soap with marigold extract and flowers, Ylang-ylang essential oil and Pine essential oil.
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Geranium & Allantoin Soap

23 1247
A soap enriched with allantoin, scented with essential oil of geranium and petitgrain, coloured with madder root powder.
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Wintertime Soaps

21 1624
Here are some soaps that can be prepared easily. The colours and scent of the soaps are themed around the winter...
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Deodorant stick Proficient Women

110 2300
A deodorant formulated with four natural active ingredients that effectively combat the formation of unpleasant...
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M&P Lavender fields soap

31 1297
A fine, decorative soap with a pleasant scent of lavender and ylang-ylang.
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Exfoliating soap with urucum and citrus fruits

15 1293
An exfoliating soap with a fresh orange and grapefruit scent and a translucent, decorative appearance.
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Deodorant stick Proficient Men

55 1856
A deodorant formulated with four natural active ingredients that effectively combat the formation of unpleasant...
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Greeny Toning Shower Gel

67 1609
A foaming, invigorating and toning shower gel with a unisex fresh scent, suitable for daily use.
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Gref & Cinnamon Shower Gel

52 1763
An invigorating shower gel with a fresh and refreshing unisex scent, suitable for daily use.
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Hand sanitizing gel, no rinse

60 1504
A gel based on alcohol and essential oils, enriched with glycerine and aloe vera, suitable for disinfecting hands
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Intimate Hygiene Solution, Neroli & Lactic Acid

116 2023
A solution suitable for intimate hygiene containing a gentle surfactant that does not irritate mucous membranes, and...
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Fresh Mint classic toothpaste

64 1713
A classic toothpaste with a fresh aroma and medium abrasiveness. It's a simple, easy-to-prepare formula.
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