Men's grooming recipes

Beard oil

A serum with exceptional texture, elegant subtle scent. Specially designed for beard care, it is emollient,...

Suav Men Deodorant Stick

A pleasantly textured, non-greasy deodorant with a fresh invigorating scent from peppermint and tea tree oil,...

Energising Menthol & Basil Shower Gel

An invigorating shower gel that refreshes and energises the senses. It is especially pleasant in the warm season

Toning Shampoo, Keratin & Caffeine

A dense, very good foaming shampoo that cleanses and purifies the scalp, tones and stimulates the hair root,...

Universal moisturising cream

Formula combines moisturising, repairing and emollient ingredients. With its light texture, it is suitable for...

Fresh Marine shaving soap

A traditional shaving soap, easy to prepare and use, with rich lather and pleasant fragrance

Ricin & Protein Shampoo

A consistent, good foaming shampoo with a pleasant fresh scent. It is suitable for normal to slightly dry hair or...

Soothing and moisturising aftershave

A light and smooth cream with a pleasantly refreshing fragrance. Contains moisturising, soothing and emollient...

Lotion for hair with dandruff, irritated scalp

A refreshing, soothing and balancing lotion, suitable for dandruff or itchy, seborrhoea-prone scalps

Aftershave Olibanum & Sage

The result is a light, non-greasy emulsion with a pleasant fragrance. Can be used as an aftershave or day cream.

Shaving foam Fresh mint

A solution that forms a creamy lather, softens hair and makes it easier to glide the blade. Contributes to an easy...

Vetiver & Spirulina Soap

With spirulina, peppermint essential oil and vetiver, it is a refreshing, invigorating soap.

Balancing Shampoo Rosemary & Bergamot

A unisex shampoo formulated for oily scalp and normal to dry hair with balancing action. Cleanses well without...

Clarifying shampoo for oily hair

A shampoo formulated for oily hair, hair and scalp with a tendency to rapidly become greasy. It has high washing...

Deodorant stick Proficient Men

A deodorant formulated with four natural active ingredients that effectively combat the formation of unpleasant...

Aloe & Mint Soothing After Shave/Shave Gel

A gel made from ingredients known for their calming, soothing, moisturising, slightly astringent properties.

Fresh Spice MEN perfume

A dynamic and energizing fragrance, quite persistent, with fresh and refreshing top notes, spicy, aromatic middle...

Myrrh & Cucumber Moisturising Cream

A soft and light cream with a sophisticated manly scent. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin moisturised, well cared for....