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Beautifully Moisturizing Body Wash

2 2114
Use the right body wash if your skin feels dry or irritated! Because it moisturises as it cleanses, you'll step out...
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Blemish-stop Roll-on

Help your blemished skin regain its beautiful appearance! A synergy of effective essential oils to help fight acne...
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Solid Make-up Remover with Aloe

3 2508
Zero waste and suitable for all skin types, this solid bar cleanses and removes make-up easily, while nourishing the...
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Progressive self-tanning milk

19 2544
A very light-textured, non-sticky, non-greasy fluid emulsion that spreads very well over the skin to ensure an even...
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Hairbonder leave-in Conditioner

30 3432
A leave-in hair conditioner with a very light and non-greasy texture, rich in substances that smooth hair, help...
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Exfoliating oil-gel

30 1948
An interestingly textured product that turns into an emulsion when in contact with water and thus rinses easily off...
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Solid face cleanser

25 2067
For gentle skin cleansing, it is soap-free and does not dry out the skin, forms a creamy lather and leaves the skin...
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Day cream for combination/oily, problematic skin

80 2895
A day cream dedicated to the care of combination or oily skin with rosacea, couperose or acneic tendencies. It has a...
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Sensitive Soothing Toner for dry skin

48 1935
After cleansing the complexion, this toner adds ingredients that gently moisturise, reduce inflammation and soothe...
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Purifying toner, acneic skin

65 2231
The recipe combines purifying essential oils, invigorating and decongesting floral waters, moisturising and soothing...
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Fresh all day cream deodorant

35 2288
A light-textured unisex deodorant formulated with ingredients that neutralize the unpleasant smell of sweat and have...
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Sensitive Toner, mixed/oily skin

25 1539
A toner made from ingredients that gently moisturise, soothe irritation and reduce skin inflammation. Particularly...
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Pineapple & Fruit Acids Peeling Gel

32 1431
An enzymatic peeling gel (bromelain from pineapple powder) and natural chemical peel (fruit acids) for a clean,...
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Protective and repairing cream, diaper rash

73 1565
A cream rich in soothing, repairing, protective, emollient and antiseptic ingredients. It is used on areas affected...
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All Skin Cleanser

52 2141
A cleanser generally suitable for all skin types, in the form of a fine, fruity-smelling foam. Gently cleanses,...
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Soothing oil for insect bites

14 1524
Formulated with vegetable and essential oils known for their soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory effect, it helps...
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Mandelíne shampoo for toddlers

131 2002
A gentle, delicately scented shampoo, particularly suitable for children. The surfactants used are very well...
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Anti-dandruff shampoo

84 2511
A shampoo formulated with ingredients that help improve the condition of scalp affected by dandruff and inflammatory...
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Hand sanitizing gel, no rinse

60 1504
A gel based on alcohol and essential oils, enriched with glycerine and aloe vera, suitable for disinfecting hands
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Intimate Hygiene Solution, Neroli & Lactic Acid

116 2023
A solution suitable for intimate hygiene containing a gentle surfactant that does not irritate mucous membranes, and...
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Moisturising cream, sensitive dry skin

141 2007
A light-textured cream suitable for dry skin, including sensitive skin. Contains moisturising, nourishing, repairing...
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Eye contour tightening serum

26 2207
The result is a hydrating, anti-aging serum with a tightening effect that cares for sensitive skin around the eyes...
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Micellar sensitive cleanser

55 1896
A gentle cleanser that gently cleanses and soothes the skin. Especially suitable for sensitive, irritated skin.
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Children's toothpaste with Aloe and Strawberry

60 1656
An easy-to-make toothpaste, pleasant to taste, sweet and aromatic. Can be used by young and older children. It...
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Balancing Shampoo Rosemary & Bergamot

98 2123
A unisex shampoo formulated for oily scalp and normal to dry hair with balancing action. Cleanses well without...
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Balm for atopic skin

127 2218
A fine, emollient balm with a pleasant vegetal scent, concentrated in active substances that act specifically to...
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Aftershave Olibanum & Sage

14 1318
The result is a light, non-greasy emulsion with a pleasant fragrance. Can be used as an aftershave or day cream.
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Soothing and repairing after-sun lotion

70 2060
An after-sun solution that can be applied to the skin after exposure to the sun, it is refreshing, soothing,...
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Aloe & Mint Soothing After Shave/Shave Gel

46 2183
A gel made from ingredients known for their calming, soothing, moisturising, slightly astringent properties.
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Vitaminising mask A-C-E

29 1535
A mask rich in vitamins and ingredients that benefit all skin types: vitamin A, C and E, aloe vera gel, pomegranate...
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Caffeine eye contour gel

135 1913
The gel refreshes, tones and hydrates the delicate area around the eyes for a firmer, smoother look.
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