Massage oil recipes

Sleep Aid Soothing Dry Oil

A blend of essential oils in a sublime oily base, it is a real delight that gives you a special moment of relaxation...

Relax massage oil

A blend of oils that promotes relaxation after a stressful and tiring day, calming, soothing effect. Useful in...

Energy massage oil

A synergy of oils with a tonic effect on the body, beneficial for physical and mental fatigue; stimulates memory,...

Balance massage oil

Massage oil designed for anxiety, back pain, mood swings. Helps invigorate the body.

Detension massage oil

Massage oil useful for reducing inflammation, well-being of the body, improving blood circulation. It has a tonic,...

Pain relief massage oil

Massage oil designed to soothe muscle, shoulder or back pain; eases muscle stiffness and restores flexibility.

Lotion bar

A massage stick that melts on contact with the skin, long lasting and very practical. It's emollient and leaves skin...

Massage oil for tired feet

Made from ingredients with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant properties. Helps to relax the muscles, is...

Ashwagandha & Rosehip Facial Massage Serum

An oily serum enriched with anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, regenerating, anti-aging substances. Facial massage applied...

Oily serum for facial massage

An oily face massage serum suitable for all skin types without any particular problems. After the massage, a general...

Anti-cellulite serum for silhouette

A serum composed of essential oils known for their beneficial effect in silhouette, body contouring and...

In-Tense Bust Serum

An anti-aging and toning serum, formulated with ingredients that work to increase skin firmness and elasticity,...

Massage balm for neck and shoulder area

An aromatherapy balm to relieve pain in the neck and shoulder area. It has a relaxing, analgesic, slightly warming...