Remedy recipes

Soothing Pomade for Atopic-prone Skin

A wonderful comfort provider for irritated skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis, with soothing, repairing and...

Sleep Aid Soothing Dry Oil

A blend of essential oils in a sublime oily base, it is a real delight that gives you a special moment of relaxation...

Botanical Calamine Salve

Blended with skin loving anti-inflammatory, soothing and reparative elements, a soft pink salve formulated to help in...

St. John's Wort Salve

A lovely warm ointment with a calming scent, anti-inflammatory and soothing due to ingredients having a long history...

Repairing balm Tamanu, Bacuri, Tea tree

A balm formulated with repairing, regenerating, purifying ingredients to treat skin problems.

Luxurious anti-stretch mark balm

Nourishing balm with moisturizing, regenerating and skin elasticity maintaining properties, with shea butter, cactus...

Green gold global repair oil

A synergy of valuable and particularly beneficial substances for irritated, sensitive or damaged skin, atopic skin,...

Anti-mosquito lotion

Lotion formulated with essential oils known to repel mosquitoes. It can be applied to all areas of the body exposed...

Cream Lavian like

Formulated with a professional cream base, it contributes to skin regeneration, moisturises the skin and gives it...

Magnesium oil

Magnesium relaxes muscles, relieves pain and muscle tension in the limbs, back, shoulders and neck. It is suitable...

`Alep` Balm

The multiple benefits for problem skin of bay and olive oils are combined with the emollient properties of an...

Cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory oil

A non-greasy oil with a dry texture and a very pleasant scent that can be used post-epilation or in case of itching,...

Calm & Repair Cream

A light cream that absorbs easily into the skin, with active ingredients to soothe, moisturise and repair the skin.

Balm for atopic skin

A fine, emollient balm with a pleasant vegetal scent, concentrated in active substances that act specifically to...

Arnica & Chili Anti-Rheumatic Balm

A fine balm with a refreshing scent, concentrated in active substances that work to relieve joint, rheumatic and...

Chili & Tamanu venotonic balm

A balm rich in active substances with a venotonic, circulatory and thermogenic effect. Contains chili extract, tamanu...

Gel Light Legs for tired, heavy legs

An active gel formulated with ingredients that work synergistically to relieve the feeling of heavy, tired feet

Cream for varicose veins, painful legs

A cream with venotonic, anti-inflammatory, blood and lymphatic circulation stimulating action. Aims to relieve...

Cream for irritated, atopic skin

A cream formulated with ingredients that work to soothe and regenerate skin affected by various irritations, sunburn,...

Lotion against insects

A pleasant-smelling lotion formulated with essential oils, peppermint water and glycerine for use on areas of skin...

Aloe & Mint Soothing After Shave/Shave Gel

A gel made from ingredients known for their calming, soothing, moisturising, slightly astringent properties.

Anti-fungal aromatherapy oil

An aromatherapeutic preparation based on essential and vegetable oils known for their strong antifungal and...

Oil for varicose veins, Tamanu & Chiparos

It is a complex oil, rich in ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory, peripheral blood circulation improving...

Soothing oil for insect bites

Formulated with vegetable and essential oils known for their soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory effect, it helps...

Insect repellent oil

A blend formulated with essential oils known for their insect repellent effect.

Massage balm for neck and shoulder area

An aromatherapy balm to relieve pain in the neck and shoulder area. It has a relaxing, analgesic, slightly warming...

Natural Tiger Balm for colds, aches and pains

It is specifically designed to relieve pain and painful muscle contractions. It is relaxing, facilitates relaxation...

Aromatherapy balm for headaches

A balm formulated with essential oils known for their action in relieving pain, discomfort, tension and neurosis.