Makeup recipes

Barbie Pink Liquid Lipstick

2 541
The result is a youthful, striking, very feminine, long-lasting liquid lipstick with Lipo Hyaluronic Acid for...
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Pink Lilac Liquid Lipstick

A feminine, long-lasting, emollient, moisturising, repairing, liquid lipstick with a lip-filling effect.
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2 Lipsticks - Savanna Red & Savanna Rose

2 523
Evoking the unique warmth of the African savannahs, in vibrant shades of warm red and a discreet, shimmering pink,...
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2 Lipsticks - Lovely Pink & Icy Pink

These two seductive and sensual lipsticks in cheerful summer shades with diamond sparkle are the secret to a...
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2 Lipsticks - Subtle Mauve & Divine Mauve

Creamy and smooth, these lipsticks not only dress the lips in irresistible colour but also intensively care for...
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Sunshine Lip Balm

19 2497
A delicious, smooth, nourishing lip balm with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, formulated with murumuru...
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Passion Pineapple Lip Balm

16 2464
Formulated with passion fruit oil, castor and mango butter, a very nourishing and emollient lip balm with a pleasant...
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Fluid Color corrector

12 1783
A kind of CC cream but with a liquid texture and a pleasant, almost imperceptible feel on the skin. Can also be used...
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Foundation for normal/combination skin

19 1696
A cream foundation, ideal for normal or combination skin, even slightly oily. It has a pleasant texture, medium...
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Light foundation for oily skin

22 1853
A foundation with a sensorial profile suitable for oily skin. It has a pleasant texture, medium coverage, light...
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Eyeliner Black

16 1325
An eyelid tint recipe that's easy to make and can be customised with other colours to your preference.
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Eye primer

12 1384
An eye primer recipe that's very easy to make with just 3 ingredients. It makes it easier for blush to adhere, brings...
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Primer, make-up base

20 1773
A face primer recipe formulated to generally suit all skin types. It is colourless and leaves a fine satin layer that...
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Lip balm with hyaluron

64 2395
A daily lip care balm formulated with hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, hazelnut and castor oil for hydrated, soft and...
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Repairing lip butter with ceramides

39 1952
A lip butter rich in emollient, nourishing, protective, repairing and regenerating ingredients. Contains ceramides,...
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Vegan lip balm

29 1549
A fine, naturally flavored, emollient and nourishing balm made from cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vegetable wax,...
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Rubin red Lipstick

11 1748
An emollient and moisturising lipstick, it contains shea butter and castor oil.
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Powder foundation

26 1595
An easy to prepare powder foundation with a fine texture and medium to high coverage
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Silky Concealer with Vitamin C

14 1583
A fluid, easy-to-prepare concealer with professional texture. Also contains anti-aging ingredients.
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Venetian red Lipstick

14 1728
An emollient and protective lipstick containing shea butter and castor oil
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French pink Lipstick

8 1659
An emollient and protective lipstick containing cocoa butter and castor oil.
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Blush French Rose

9 1437
A soft blush that makes the complexion look youthful and serene
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Oily Matt Finish Powder

25 1400
For oily skin, it is a powder that works to mattify and smooth the complexion. It contains mineral and plant...
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Porcelain Mattifying Powder

15 1348
Especially for fair complexions, it is a clay and micronized rice-based powder that gives the skin a matte, smooth...
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Mattifying Powder `Naked`

14 1259
A fine, translucent, silky powder that mattifies the complexion and gives it a smooth look with a slight warm beige tint
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Mascara Black

37 1611
Gives lashes a sleek look with satisfying volume. Not waterproof.
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Passion Lip Gloss

33 1766
A fragrant, emollient gloss with long-lasting shine. It has a high coverage, so can be used in place of lipstick.
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Apricot Lip Gloss

4 1625
The result is a fragrant, emollient gloss with long-lasting shine. Can be applied directly to the lips or over lipstick.
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Bombon Lip Gloss

18 1489
An emollient gloss with long-lasting shine. Aromatic strawberry extract with mineral pigments gives delicious...
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Caramel Nude Lip Gloss

17 1670
A fragrant, emollient gloss with long-lasting shine. Contains bisabolol with a soothing and repairing effect.
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Brown Mascara

65 1314
Brown mascara is especially suitable for people with blonde, light brown or dark brown hair.
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46 1518
A fine-textured concealer that masks skin imperfections and evens out the appearance of the area to which it is...
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Unifying, anti-aging foundation

90 1952
A non-greasy creamy foundation enriched with actives that improve the appearance and texture of the skin. The colour...
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Colourful and fragrant lip balm

57 1533
A fine, naturally fragrant, emollient and nourishing balm. Gives a light tint to the lips.
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