Baby & Kids Care recipes

Botanical Calamine Salve

4 2731
Blended with skin loving anti-inflammatory, soothing and reparative elements, a soft pink salve formulated to help in...
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'Little Prince' bath gel

16 1840
A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little boys due...
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`Little Princess` bath gel

32 1904
A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little girls...
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Bath foam for toddlers

78 1681
A foaming solution, gentle and well tolerated by the skin of young children and toddlers. It is suitable for washing...
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Balm for atopic skin

127 2218
A fine, emollient balm with a pleasant vegetal scent, concentrated in active substances that act specifically to...
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Moisturising cream for toddlers

63 1769
A light, moisturising and nourishing cream formulated especially for babies and children. It spreads gently over the...
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Cream for irritated, atopic skin

186 2671
A cream formulated with ingredients that work to soothe and regenerate skin affected by various irritations, sunburn,...
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Mandelíne shampoo for toddlers

131 2002
A gentle, delicately scented shampoo, particularly suitable for children. The surfactants used are very well...
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Lotion against insects

53 2071
A pleasant-smelling lotion formulated with essential oils, peppermint water and glycerine for use on areas of skin...
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Soothing and repairing after-sun lotion

70 2060
An after-sun solution that can be applied to the skin after exposure to the sun, it is refreshing, soothing,...
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Neutral bath gel for children

89 1238
An easy-to-make bath gel suitable for babies and children. It is neutral, can be used as it is or enriched with...
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Protective and repairing cream, diaper rash

73 1565
A cream rich in soothing, repairing, protective, emollient and antiseptic ingredients. It is used on areas affected...
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Children's toothpaste with Aloe and Strawberry

60 1656
An easy-to-make toothpaste, pleasant to taste, sweet and aromatic. Can be used by young and older children. It...
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Diaper cream with Zinc oxide, Shea and Marigold

90 1447
A creamy cream formulated with ingredients known for their soothing, repairing and antiseptic properties. It is...
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