Oral hygiene

Siwak & Charcoal Tooth Powder

18 1682
Foaming, fresh-flavoured tooth and oral hygiene powder.
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Siwak & Iris Toothpaste

1 1668
Contains anti-bacterial, anti-caries ingredients and tooth whitening properties for clean, brighter teeth and fresh...
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Siwak Simple Toothpaste

2 1456
Dental hygiene powder that can be used instead of the classic toothpaste. Simple, effective formula.
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Activated charcoal toothpaste

17 1435
With black like tan, for whiter, shinier teeth! A sparkling tooth powder with a pleasantly sweet taste and fresh aroma.
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Tooth powder with propolis

7 1156
A composition suitable for daily dental hygiene, enriched with propolis powder, xylitol and tea tree essential oil.
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Classic Toothpaste

6 1184
Made with just 3 ingredients, it takes 3 minutes to prepare. It's a powder suitable for daily dental hygiene with a...
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Fresh Mint classic toothpaste

64 1739
A classic toothpaste with a fresh aroma and medium abrasiveness. It's a simple, easy-to-prepare formula.
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Clean & Care Toothpaste

26 1428
A foaming toothpaste containing ingredients that help remove plaque, care for gums, purify and give fresh breath.
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Children's toothpaste with Aloe and Strawberry

60 1670
An easy-to-make toothpaste, pleasant to taste, sweet and aromatic. Can be used by young and older children. It...
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