Bath & Shower

Coffee-Toffee Scrub

A gentle cleansing and exfoliating body scrub that awakens and energizes with its delicious latte scent. Not just for...

Turquoise dream bath salt

A touch of exotic holiday in your bathroom! A recipe for a particularly pleasant-smelling, finely sparkling bath salt...

Relax bath salt, mandarin & lavender

A sparkling and aromatic bath salt with Epsom salt (bitter salt), coconut surfactant and essential oils with a...

Bath bombs

They are very popular products, can be prepared in various shapes and colours, decorated and flavoured according to...

Effervescent, emollient bath balls

Lavender bath balls for a relaxing bath and soft, velvety skin. Thanks to lysolecithin and starch, the bath water...

Bath melts

For an aromatic and relaxing bath, for moisturised, soft and velvety skin

Amber & Grapefruit Bath Oil

For moisturised and velvety skin, but also for aromatherapy, a bath oil that can be easily prepared from a few...

Whipped bath butter

Emollient, moisturising and fragrant, a real treat for the skin, especially for dry skin.

Energising Menthol & Basil Shower Gel

An invigorating shower gel that refreshes and energises the senses. It is especially pleasant in the warm season

'Little Prince' bath gel

A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little boys due...

`Little Princess` bath gel

A bath gel suitable for the hygiene of children older than 3 years and for teenagers, especially for little girls...

Coco-Cleanser, sensitive

A hygiene product that can replace shower gel or soap, and can be used for the body hygiene of adults and children...

Bath foam for toddlers

A foaming solution, gentle and well tolerated by the skin of young children and toddlers. It is suitable for washing...

Greeny Toning Shower Gel

A foaming, invigorating and toning shower gel with a unisex fresh scent, suitable for daily use.

Gref & Cinnamon Shower Gel

An invigorating shower gel with a fresh and refreshing unisex scent, suitable for daily use.

Hand sanitizing gel, no rinse

A gel based on alcohol and essential oils, enriched with glycerine and aloe vera, suitable for disinfecting hands

Intimate Hygiene Solution, Neroli & Lactic Acid

A solution suitable for intimate hygiene containing a gentle surfactant that does not irritate mucous membranes, and...