Hair conditioners, Treatments

Amla & Amande Conditioner Bar

2 1995
A zero-waste solid conditioner, generally suitable for all hair types, that includes some fabulous additions like...
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Natural Conditioner for smooth and healthy looking hair

4 2789
Perfect to nourish, coat and protect hair, this natural conditioner makes it easier to detangle and brings shine to...
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Nourish & Shine Natural Solid Conditioner

4 2449
A zero-waste solid conditioner with 100% natural origin ingredients deeply nourishes and strengthens hair, leaving it...
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Pequi & Nectar Hair Conditioner

2 3129
A conditioner formulated with Amazonian oils and effective conditioning agents that work to beautify even the thin or...
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Stop Sebum Fresh Scalp Mask

This mask combines powders and essential oil with purifying, cleansing and soothing properties for a balanced scalp...
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Hairbonder leave-in Conditioner

30 3455
A leave-in hair conditioner with a very light and non-greasy texture, rich in substances that smooth hair, help...
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Frequent use hair conditioner

39 2373
An easy, low-ingredient recipe for a smoothing, moisturising and protective hair conditioner.
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Conditioner treatment damaged hair Pataua & Protein

63 2834
A complex conditioner formulated with ingredients that work synergistically to repair and smooth hair. Very useful...
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Royal Jelly Hair Conditioner

A nourishing, moisturising and strengthening hair conditioner containing royal jelly, conditioning extract derived...
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Hair detangling, strengthening conditioner

77 2147
An easy-to-make hair conditioner with conditioning and smoothing action on the hair fibre for shinier, easier to comb...
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Nourishing, anti-breakage hair conditioner, Monoï & Keratin

89 2023
A conditioner formulated with castor and monoi oil, vegetable keratin and conditioning agents that work to beautify...
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