Sprays, Lotions

Sublime Summer Dry oil for Hair & Body

8 3946
This nourishing and protective oil with a sunny scent is your ally for summer skin and hair care without leaving a...
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Anti-fall Friction Elixir

7 3265
Give your hair a boost with this blend of anti-hair loss and toning oils, combine it with the beneficial action of...
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Revitalising Oil Bath for Hair

1 2391
A true beauty treat for dry or damaged hair, with a synergy of nourishing oils that bring softness and shine.
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Revitalising anti-hair-loss tonic

40 2742
Formulated with caffeine and maca extract, ingredients known for their toning and revitalizing properties.
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Thermal protection spray

11 2497
The recipe is based on an extract specifically developed for thermal hair protection, and is enriched with vegetable...
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Repair & Protection Lotion

21 2231
Biphasic hair care lotion with ingredients that seal cuticles and split ends, repair and prevent hair damage, smooth...
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Anti-dandruff lotion with nettle and salicylic acid

27 1925
Beneficial for hair that greys quickly and irritated scalp affected by dandruff. Contains concentrated infusion of...
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Protective hair serum for the beach

15 2073
A serum based on karanja oil, highly appreciated in sun protection applications, suitable for hair protection at the...
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Instant bond - hair repair serum

41 2086
A light-textured serum that includes Hairbond, an active ingredient derived from castor oil that seals cuticles and...
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Lotion for hair with dandruff, irritated scalp

45 2022
A refreshing, soothing and balancing lotion, suitable for dandruff or itchy, seborrhoea-prone scalps
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Shine & Bond hair serum

57 2326
An oily serum formulated with ingredients known for their beneficial effect on hair. Works to seal cuticles, repair...
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Toning, anti hair loss lotion

69 2065
A hair lotion based on essential oils, nettle extract and maca, with scalp toning properties, working against hair...
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