Body scrubs, exfoliators

Spring Time Foaming Sugar Scrub

3 5061
Pamper your skin with this fabulously bungee, foaming, non-greasy scrub. Naturally exfoliates your skin, leaving it...
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Sugar & Nectar Tiny Scrub Soaps

6 4457
Zero-waste, waterless, 2-in-1 soap with nice foam, beautiful colour and a gourmand scent. Gently exfoliates the skin...
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Coffee-Toffee Scrub

7 4084
A gentle cleansing and exfoliating body scrub that awakens and energizes with its delicious latte scent. Not just for...
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Body scrub Himalayan Paradise

3 1778
An Ayurvedic scrub formulated with Sacred Lotus powder, fine Himalayan salt, Meadowfoam oil and enticing Paradise...
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Sweet Ayurvedic body scrub

21 2061
A luxurious scrub formulated with passion fruit oil, ayurvedic powders, coconut milk powder and luscious vanilla...
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Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee butter & epsom salt

45 1895
It smells delicious, deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates peripheral blood circulation and leaves the skin hydrated,...
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Delicious exfoliator for firmness

39 1854
A delicious smelling fluffy cream formulated with anti-cellulite and toning ingredients. Deeply cleanses the skin,...
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Body wrapping for suppleness

40 1343
A composition based on seaweed and essential oils that helps improve the appearance of the thighs, abdomen and areas...
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Creamy Scrub for suppleness

20 1528
Formulated with ingredients known for their draining, anti-cellulite and circulatory effect, it is a scrub cream that...
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