Pink Lilac Liquid Lipstick


A feminine, long-lasting, emollient, moisturising, repairing, liquid lipstick with a lip-filling effect.

Formula: 75906 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 6 months

A    Ingredients Total 10 gr
A Lipgloss base 5,8 gr
A Hyaluron LIPO 0,12 gr
A Beeswax white  0,3 gr
A Titanium paste 0,23 gr
A Apricot oil 3 gr
A Cosmetic pigment mica 64 Lilac 0,12 gr
A Cosmetic pigment oxide 10 Pink  0,23 gr
B Aromatic Strawberry extract 0,2 gr (6 drops)

1. Heat the ingredients of phase A in a heat-resistant beaker over a water bath to 75°C. Remove from heat.

2. Allow to cool for a few seconds, add phase B and stir.

3. Immediately pour into gloss mould and leave to cool overnight.

The result is a feminine, long-lasting, emollient, moisturising, repairing, liquid lipstick with a lip-filling effect.

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