Amla & Amande Conditioner Bar


A zero-waste solid conditioner, generally suitable for all hair types, that includes some fabulous additions like Amla oil and silk proteins.

Formula: 74255 Difficulty level: advanced Shelf life: min 12 months pH optimal: -

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 100 gr
A Emulsifier Vari-Btms 33 33 gr
A Amla oil 30 30 gr
A Cetearyl alcohol 30 30 gr
B Silk protein 2 2 gr
B Panthenol 3 3 gr
B Natural fragrance oil Almond 2 2 gr

1. Premix the ingredients of phase B and set aside.

2. Add the ingredients of phase A to a beaker and heat in a water bath until melted.

3. Allow to cool for a few seconds, add phase B and stir.

4. Pour the mixture into a mould, let it solidify.

5. Freeze it for about 30 minutes before unmolding and let it dry for 48 hours before using.

A zero-waste solid conditioner, generally suitable for all hair types, that includes some fabulous additions like Amla oil and silk proteins. As you use this solid stick on damp hair, it transforms into a creamy, slippery hair conditioner - leaving your hair soft and silky, taming strands and improving combing.

After shampooing, rub through hair and leave on for a few seconds, then rinse.

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2 Opinions
  • Cornelia P.

    Cornelia P. 08/16/2023

    Buna ziua! Cu ce alte uleiuri poate fi inlocuit cel de amla? Multumesc anticipat pentru raspuns!
    • ELLEMENTAL logo comments

      ELLEMENTAL 08/16/2023

      Bună ziua Cornelia,
      Cele mai adecvate uleiuri ar fi: brusture, susan, chaulmoogra, pataua, pracaxi sau șofrănel.
      O zi cu soare!
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