Beautifully Moisturizing Body Wash


Use the right body wash if your skin feels dry or irritated! Because it moisturises as it cleanses, you'll step out of the shower feeling newly cleansed, soft and refreshed.

Formula: 75002 Difficulty level: advanced Shelf life: min 6 months pH optimal: 5.0-5.5

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 250 gr
A Pure / distilled water 48,7 121,75 gr
A Guar Quat 0,3 0,75 gr
A Aloe Vera Gel 15 37,5 gr
A Urea cosmetic  2 5 gr
B Glycerin 7 17,5 gr
B Xanthan gum 0,3 0,75 gr
C Surfactant GCC 20 50 gr
C SLSA Surfactant 5 12,5
C Natural fragrance oil Massoia 0,7 1,75 gr
D Preservative BS 1 2,5 gr
E Lactic acid as required as required

1. In a vessel mix the ingredients of phase A until the urea dissolves.

2. In another vessel premix the ingredients of phase B and add the mixture to phase A, stirring well until a light gel forms.

3. In a large bowl add the ingredients of phase C, stir slowly and thoroughly until homogeneous.

4. Gradually add the contents of phase A+B to phase C, stirring slowly in between.

5. Add the ingredient of phase D and stir slowly until homogeneous.

6. Gradually add lactic acid until the pH reaches 5.0-5.5

7. Transfer the composition to the designated bottle.

You can use another natural fragrance oil or essential oil according to your preference, and in place of part of the water you can use floral water.

Use the right body wash if your skin feels dry or irritated! Because it moisturises as it cleanses, you'll step out of the shower feeling newly cleansed, soft and refreshed.

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  • Cornelia P.

    Cornelia P. 08/20/2023

    Buna ziua! Ce se poate folosi in loc de Guar Quat? Zi buna si multumesc anticipat pentru raspuns!
    • ELLEMENTAL logo comments

      ELLEMENTAL 08/21/2023

      Bună ziua Cornelia,
      Un înlocuitor asemănător pentru guar-quat nu vă putem recomanda.
      O zi cu soare!
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