Silhouette Sensation Body Yoghurt


Tone your body and get a lightweight hydration and with this gel-cream formula that is quick absorbing and non-greasy, enriched with firming and sculpting actives.

Formula: 73124 Difficulty level: advanced Shelf life: min 3 months pH optimal: 5.5-6.0

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 200 gr
A Pure / distilled water 63,4 126,8 gr
A Glycerin 3 6 gr
A Xanthan gum 0,5 1 gr
A Ginkgo biloba extract 7 14 gr
A Co-emulsifier Hidractiv 2 4 gr
B Centella Asiatica Oil 15 30 gr
B Emulsifier Vegemuls  3,5 7 gr
C Algae Slim Complex 4 8 gr
C Natural fragrance oil Magnolia  1 2 gr
C Cosgard 0,6 1,2 gr

1. Prepare phase A: pre-mix xanthan gum with glycerin, add to water and stir until a gel is formed. Then add the remaining ingredients from phase A to the gel.

2. Heat phases A and B separately up to 75°C in heat-resistant beakers on a water bath. When both phases have reached the right temperature, remove them from the heat.

3. Add phase B to phase A with mixing, continue to mix until smooth.

4. Place the beaker in a bowl of cold water and mix until a homogeneous emulsion has formed.

5. Cool down under 40°C, add one by one the phase C ingredients and mix thoroughly until uniform.

6. Transfer the preparation to the dedicated container. The consistency will be final on the next day.

Tone your body and get lightweight hydration with this fast-absorbing, non-greasy gel-cream formula enriched with firming and shaping actives.

After showering, smooth a generous handful over skin and gently apply until fully absorbed.

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