Pequi & Nectar Hair Conditioner


A conditioner formulated with Amazonian oils and effective conditioning agents that work to beautify even the thin or brittle hair.


Formula: 72588 Difficulty level: medium Shelf life: min 3 months pH optimal: 4.5-5.0

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 250 gr
A Pequi oil 2,8 7 gr
A Ojon oil 2,5 6,25 gr
A Ricin oil 9,6 24 gr
A Babassu oil 4 10 gr
A Emulsifier Condisoft 5 12,5 gr
A Emulsifier Vari-Btms  10 25 gr
B Pure / distilled water  61,3 153,3 gr
C Lactic acid as required for pH 4.5-5.0
D Vege-Keratin 1,6 4 gr
D Silk protein 1,2 3 gr
D Nectar Fragrance oil 1,2 3 gr
D Cosgard 0,8 2 gr

1. Heat the ingredients of phase A and B separately up to 70°C in a heat-resistant beaker on a water bath. When both phases have reached the right temperature, remove from heat.

2. Add the contents of phase A to phase B with mixing, continue mixing until smooth.

3. Place the beaker in a bowl of cold water and blend until a smooth, glossy, homogeneous emulsion is formed.

4. Measure the pH of the mixture and adjust to 4.5-5.0

5. When the mixture has cooled to below 40°C, add the ingredients of phase D and mix thoroughly until smooth.

6. Transfer to the dedicated container.

A conditioner formulated with Amazonian oils and effective conditioning agents that work to beautify even the thin or brittle hair.
Apply after shampooing, leave for a few minutes, then rinse.

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