Sleep Aid Soothing Dry Oil

Formula: 72349 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 6 months pH optimal: -

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 100 gr
A Caprilis oil 77,3 77,3 gr
A Coco-Silicone Volatile 20 20 gr
A Lavender essential oil 1 1 gr
A Mandarin Red essential oil 1 1 gr
A Chamomile CO2 Extract 0,2 0,2 gr
A Vitamin E 0,5 0,5 gr

1. Put all the ingredients in a vessel and stir well.

2. Pour the mixture into the designated bottle.

A blend of essential oils in a sublime oily base, it is a real delight that gives you a special moment of relaxation and invites you to a pleasant sleep.

Massage into the skin in different areas of the body before going to bed to promote sleep.

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