Neat Skin Toner


An invigorating and fresh toner rich in astringent active ingredients is ideal for clear and even skin.

Formula: 72088 Difficulty level: beginner Shelf life: min 1 month pH optimal: 3.5-4.0

Phase Ingredients Dosage % Total 100 gr
A Mimosa macerate 10%  45 45 gr
B Peppermint water 20 20 gr
B Rose Water 30 30 gr
B Propanediol 4 4 gr
B Cosgard 1 1 gr

1. To make mimosa macerate mix 6 g of mimosa powder with 60 g of pure water and leave the mixture to macerate for 24 hours in a cool place. Remember to stir your maceration from time to time during the day.

2. Filter it using a coffee filter paper or a reusable filter and collect the filtrate into a beaker.

3. Weigh the filtrate obtained and if necessary top it up with pure water to obtain the quantity given in the recipe.

4. Gradually add the rest of the ingredients mixing well between each addition.

5. Transfer the preparation into your bottle.

An invigorating and fresh toner rich in astringent active ingredients is ideal for clear and even skin.

Spray this toner every morning on the entire face, before applying your day care.

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