Body scrub Himalayan Paradise

Formula: 43846 Difficulty level: beginner Validity: min 6 months optimal pH: -

Haza Ingredient Total 100 gr
A Epsom salt 30 gr
A Fine Himalayan salt (pink) 42 gr
A SLSA Surfactant 12 gr
A Lotus powder 5 gr
B Meadowfoam oil 9 gr
B Paradise Flower Fragrance oil 2 gr

1. In a bowl add the ingredients of phase A and mix slowly, thoroughly.
2. Add the ingredients of phase B and mix well.
3. Transfer the resulting composition to the dedicated container.

An Ayurvedic scrub formulated with lotus powder, Himalayan salt, an emollient oil and an enticing fragrance. Apply to damp skin and massage in gentle circular motions. On rinsing it emulsifies and gently cleanses from the skin, leaving it smooth, velvety and deliciously scented.

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3 Opinions
  • Ioana

    Ioana 08/10/2022

    Bună seara! In loc de parfumant ,se poate folosi ulei esential -lavanda ?
  • Cristina M

    Cristina M 04/27/2022

    Buna ziua, se poate folosi si alta pudra in afara de lotus? Multumesc
    • Elemental

      Elemental 04/29/2022

      Bună ziua! Sigur că da, se pot folosi și alte pudre vegetale, după preferințe.